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  1. I am successfully using ipad 1st Generation now for the past two years.
  2. I am excited about the new release. The fader mode is great! Can someone please explain what the 'follow stage' mode is and how it works? Also on the fader screen: Is the fx (center tab) applied to all main outputs?
  3. Updating now, I am excited :) :D :P Update: Backup - load new software - recover setup.... Everything went smooth and perfect. Love the new software. The programmer did a great job. Thank you !!!
  4. 100% agree. I'd like to be able to wind forward, rewind, etc, just using standard features of commercial MP3 players. Enough room for improvement here.
  5. There are different apple airport express units at diffirent prices: MB321LL/A MC414LL/A M4970LL/A Do they all work and I just buy the cheapest?
  6. Actually I got it to work by first unplugging C and D, then setting up and plugging C and D in again. Don't understand why I would have to do this. Still, only C can be regulated in Monitor mode
  7. Can you please explain how to "make stereo"? Here is what I did: I plugged in two xlr from Monitor C and D to connect with PC interface inputs (or other recorder) Then I went 'setup'; Category 'Output'; select 'record out', 'add to stage' It shows C/D. Now going to 'Monitor': Monitor D can not be selected, only Monitor C, channel for Monitor D has no signal. Something seems not working or I am not doing it right. Same behavior if I select 'Stereo Monitor' or 'Computer out' or 'Headphones'. All show the C/D but only C hasd a signal and can be regulated.
  8. There are some icons for 'stereo out' which I want to use by sending Monitor C & D to another system. The icon shows C/D but under Monitor only C can be regulated. Also the D does not come through and is inactive. This is also for 'Computer out', 'Mix out', 'record out'. What am I doing wrong? Or how can I send the stereo out to C and D monitor and can regulate each channel individually?
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