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  1. Thank you HO, somehow i got the wrong editor when i flashed the last time.
  2. Wondering if anyone else has this happening with this pre set patch. The plastichorus does not show up in the editor, either in the block or the modulation menu. It does show up on the rack and foot controller.
  3. I have the old zoom Q4 and it works good, you can run line input right into the camera. My only gripe about the camera is not good in low lighting. I use it for youtube and my learning progression.
  4. My freezes started with 2.00. With that fimware it would freeze after about 45 min of playing on its own. I went through line 6 support and they replaced the rack. same thing with the next unit. I found a patch it would instantly freeze on if I adjusted it through the editor. I ended sending the foot controller and rack back to line 6 for testing. They could not get it to fail and sent the equipment back, which failed shortly after I used it. After reinstalling the firmware I was able to use it without random freezing. It has continued to freeze with all the latest firmware versions. It will fail with either the editor or the rack itself adjusting some patches (factory patches) I rebuilt the computer and got the same result just to make sure it wasn't my computer. I did find out one thing, if I shut the foot controller off and adjust the patch it hasn't frozen. Since I don't use it other than my home I gave up on figuring on the problem. The expense of a new mobo, processor and memory on top of boxing and sending equipment back and forth just got to be to much. I have to believe its something between the foot controller and the rack together for me.
  5. My rack did the same thing. I had to shut it off and it would rebuild the presets every time and hang on the same preset every time. I did a reset and got it to boot and a bunch of presets were missing. Was able to re flash and every thing worked fine after the re flash of 2.01.
  6. Well its been a long road trying to figure out my problem but i think i may have found the answer. When i upgraded to FW 2.0 the unit started freezing randomly, normally it would do it on a adjustment of the editor. After talking to line 6 support and many hours of flashing and going back to other FW there was no fixing the problem, it would now freeze on the older FW versions. line 6 replaced the unit and after a week of use the new unit started to freeze just as the old one did. So last night I flashed it on another pc (without the foot controller) because I have 3.0 usb on the helix pc and I had read there were so problems with that. I left it on the other pc and messed around with the editor and left it on for a couple hrs. It worked fine, no freezes. Then I put it back on the helix pc and connected the foot controller. Updated the foot controller FW and started testing. About 45 mins in it froze. Very frustrated at this point as how can 2 different units do the exact same thing? Well I Flashed 2.01 FW again and the same outcome. Then I stumbled on a factory patch that would freeze the unit every time I would make an adjustment on the editor or the helix itself. The patch was hellish cowboys. Then I thought to shut the foot controller off and try it. Well I've been running it for 4 or more hrs with no freezing. Used the hellish cowboys patch and made many changes with the editor and no freezing. I believe the problem now to be the helix controller and not the helix rack, probably not the other rack either. Hopefully I have found the answer.
  7. Great work! I can hear a little of Jason Becker there :)
  8. Yes i did all of the procedure multiple times with no change, still freezes.
  9. I never had a problem till 2.0. Im running win 10 and nothing saved or backed up. Just a straight firmware upgrade to 2.00. Mine worked fine for a day or 2 then started freezing when I would change patch modifications. I had the problem before anyone else here posted about this. I have been in contact with line 6 support since it started last week and have tried their recommendations to no avail. I also went back to V1.12 FW and it locked up after about an hour and I had never had that problem until the 2.0 upgrade had been done. I will talk to line 6 Monday but I'm pretty sure the unit is now defective and the 2.0 upgrade brought it out. Also I have a rack and foot controller.
  10. Got mine in april and i thought i was the only one with this problem as there was no one else posting about it. No problems until I flashed the 2.00. The 2.00 firmware worked for a day then started freezing. I also re flashed 1.12 and it worked for about an hr then froze. I been in contact with line 6 and tried their fix and got the same, still froze. The unit is toast for now. Hopefully I just got a bad one and this wont be a big problem. I also wanted it fixed and not just by re flashing as I would always worry about it quitting after the warranty runs out. I really like the helix also just think I got a bad one. For now back to the pod hd pro.
  11. The firmware update fixed my problem. Thank you!
  12. My intention was not to cause anymore tuners debates, i stated the facts as they pertain to me. Yes i have the latest firmware and there was a difference between the helix tuner and the pod hd tuner. It was minor but one is not right if they sound different. The pod hd did sound like the song to me and the helix sounded off. So I'm not sure where the problem lies. I am a beginner so its not a big deal to me as I don't play live, I can always use the clip on or the pod hd. Thanks.
  13. I have a rack and was learning rush limelight. When playing along with the song I noticed the guitar was off tuned from the song. I tried a few things and to no avail. So my instructor said to try another tuner. I used a pod hd tuner and it was right on with the song. So its looks like the helix tuner is off a bit. Is there any way to fix this problem?
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