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  1. I use a banana plug to connect into the multi post binding outputs in the back(red and black). and that banana plug allows me to use a 1/4 speaker cable to connect into my cab. I found out that the issue I was having was that I was still on the Direct/recording setting when it should have been something else. It sounds a lot louder, and more hear-able at practice. so my issue was pretty much solved
  2. Hmm.. I'll try that next time I'm around my cab! Thanks
  3. I just went to my car and check on it, and it's already on the Line setting instead of mic. the other switch is also on ground right now. I'm just a complete noob when it comes to hooking these things up. and also.. If I decide to hook the pod pro to my power amp using a speaker cable, the unbalanced output is set to Amp and not Line. I can't think of anything else right now besides maybe a setting to change on it or something.
  4. Hi guys, I recently bought a Pod Hd Pro rack off of a friend and I'm running this through a ART SLA-1 Power amp (100watts@8ohms) and into an Avatar 8ohm cab (120 watts) with celestian V30s. I was practicing with some guys the other day, and for some reason, I have to crank the master AND channel volume all the way to the max to even hear it at a decent volume compared to everyone else(Drummer+6505 guitarist). Are there any settings I should be changing on the pod pro so that it is used for live amp use? or perhaps maybe the power amp is just not that strong?..
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