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  1. Anyone know any good recording software that is free and won't give me a virus?
  2. I didn't think about using a keyboard volume pedal... That is a really good idea! when I used the MP3 input thing the only problem I had was being able to fade it. Unfortunately it isn't backing tracks it is actually songs we got off of Itunes so it the actual song with all their singers and instruments. We looked into the backing track thing but it just costs a lot for every individual song. There is a great app called... Band in a Hand and it allows you to adjust everything from key to bpm but every song is $10-$15
  3. I see you are having trouble with harshness and your highs... What I recommend is to adjust the sag, Bias, and Bias excursion. The Bias and Bias excursion will help you hear the higher notes more or less depending on what you want and the sag will give it a more low end, crunchy sound to it. I use the HD500x live through a PA system and once I got my patches sounding good it all worked out fine. Also try adjusting the EQ on the PA system I like to just turn that off and just use my HD500x's EQ. And turn down the gain on the PA system and if it has it add a noise gate effect to your channel. ALSO if you want more punch and stuff to act more like a Cab then adjust the cab settings/mic setting and it will make a HUGE difference. :)
  4. Yeah I'm gonna try that next. I don't have the chord yet so after I buy it I'll let you know how it does.
  5. Update: Okay so everything I try the voices in the songs always come out sounding sorta like they are being played underwater. all of the instruments come out fine but the voices sound really bad and it messes up the mix. I have tried it through seperate channels and even without the Hd500x and i get the same result....Any idea of what might be the problem?
  6. Hmmm I will give it a try and see what happens. I'm going to try all of these suggestions and see which works best for us.
  7. How would I put the IPad to mono? I just got the 500x so I'm still learning.
  8. Well I thought about what if I use the volume pedal and put it mid way so that if the sound man turns up the song to have the music louder then I could just turn down my guitar and then I could also be able to turn it up if I wanted as well.
  9. The reason I would be doing that is because the sound man isn't that good at multi tasking so he couldn't run the songs, sound board, and the computer which shows the lyrics up on the screen. Would there be a way to separate the signals? Like when I run with duel amps how I can make one amp come from one side and the other amp on the other side or if I use the volume pedal would that just increase my guitar signal or would that increase both signals?
  10. I play for my church and I am the only musician there so we run songs off of an IPad and into the soundboard. They want me to run the IPad into my 500x so I can play the songs through there and be in control of the set list. If in run it through the aux in would I be able to separate the signals so the sound man can turn my guitar up and down with out bit affecting the IPad? And vise versa. Can I run it through the midi? Or USb? Would I be able to control the music with a volume pedal on the 500x? Some of the songs tend to just cut off so I want to be able to fade the music when its about to end.
  11. What would be the best way to set my hd400 through the Pa system? Would it be better if I just use a cab?
  12. Can I register a product that might already be registered? And what are the advantages to having your product registered? What all comes with the hd400 when you first get it in the box?
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