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  1. gmguitar1

    Helix Whammy changing tone

    I'll get a picture when i'm back at the house. I have it before the amp in the signal chain. I should have clarified that I have the Whammy engaged on the patch at all times, I don't have it set to a control or the expression pedal toe.
  2. gmguitar1

    Helix Whammy changing tone

    I'm trying for an all in one kind of thing with the Helix. I used to hook up a Backstair HT dual for OD on the Pod HD. Too many wires haha.
  3. gmguitar1

    Helix Whammy changing tone

    Hey Guys, thanks for the suggestions. No, the whammy is the only control on the Expression pedal and it replaced the Wah in my signal chain, so it's not that. (Would've been a rookie mistake :) ) I've tried building a patch from scratch with just an amp and the Whammy to rule out any weird conflict with Overdrives/Eq etc but it still changes the tone fairly drastically. I'd be in the same boat in that it's pretty much the only effect where I feel the HD was better. I'm not sure how to get around this...
  4. gmguitar1

    Helix Whammy changing tone

    Hi All, Has anybody had any experience with the Whammy effect drastically altering the tone on a patch. I have it set up just to do dive bombs with the expression pedal, but when it's engaged, the tone completely changes. It becomes more treble and thin and it doesn't cut through as good. I never had this issue with the Whammy on the HD 500 so i'm not sure what the story is. The only thing it's displacing is the Wah in my effects chain. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any way around it barring setting up an EQ to counteract it(not too convenient :-/) Thanks