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  1. i keep trying to download, or rather "get tone" from custom tone, and it keeps prompting me with "There is no application set to open the document “Streets Have No Name.hre".". Am i missing something simple here? because out of all the tutorials I've seen, the computer recognizes the file as a tone, or whatever. Ive downloaded all i can from line6 monkey. I'm running a mid 2012 MacBookPro with OS X 10.8.5
  2. I have read ALOT of reviews/comments on connectivity issues with LogicProX. My main concern and question is, how well does the POD HD PRO X work with Logic via USB? Reviews have said M-audio interfaces/devices are not recognized anymore with the current updates in place. I know M-Audio is a totally different brand than Line6, but i have read that other audio interfaces have had the same problem, Logic recognizes them as an output device not a input. I would hate to spend so much money on something that does not work properly or as desired. I know this could also be a question for the Logic forums, but I'm sure some one out there can help answer these questions.
  3. Will the sound quality be different if i was to connect via interface?
  4. I am really wanting to get a pod pro hd x to use at home. to use for recording and at home playing. i have looked every where online trying to figure out if i need to get a usb interface or not, and i still have not gotten a straight answer. my questions are obvious: Can i connect a pod hd pro x to my computer using a interface? If so, what kind of interface (what specs does it need) will i need? is the sound quality better if i connect through a interface or connect via usb from the pod unit itself? im kind of a noob when it comes to the at home recording specs. so i honestly have no idea if i should fork over $250+ for something that i do not even need. someone please help
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