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  1. Sorry I thought you had down loaded the troublesome patch
  2. I had this very problem with sound and new patches. I am no expert but noticed that these patches had a volume pedal on the patch. I deleted the pedal and 'Bingo'. There was sound B)
  3. How do you identify the input source before you download
  4. Firstly how do you delete an un wanted patch on the 500x? Secondly I downloaded a patch called Tom Sawyer from custom tone and it did not work. Tried everything to get it working. So after writing down all details I then built patch from scratch and it worked no problem. Any ideas why I could not get the down load to work as not had this issue before.
  5. Just get a Behringer Micro HD400. 19 English pounds. Worked for me.
  6. Thanks for all your advice. The Pod was brand new and boxed. Its a mystery to me. I have noticed a few small glitches with the pod. The rebooting is annoying. As I said I am not one for moving things around. For example when I start up the 'Edit' without the pod turned on I have nothing loaded. Only picked up a guitar 12 months ago. I am 55 and should have started when I was 10 years old. Lot to learn but love it.
  7. Strange as I know I had it because when I first had the pod 4 months ago I made a list of the patches I liked and their position on the pod
  8. HD500X and its been replaced by Essence lead
  9. Hi Can anyone help as I seem to of lost one of the original patches on my Pod. In the Bass/Aco/Voc section there was a very nice acoustic patch called 'Choir' at position 05A. Well its gone. I am not one for moving, deleting and adding patches so any ideas where its gone or how I can get it back.
  10. Thank you. Spot on. Now I can hear guitar through my amp and PC sound through my PC speakers.
  11. powerwindows

    Pc Sound

    Hi I have noticed that when I have my Pod, Amp and 500x Edit all up and running, 'all' sound from my PC gets played through my amp by default. Is there any way of stopping this apart from disconnecting the Pod usb cable which is annoying.
  12. Hi I did this but when I pressed the 'C' button my high reading was 255 but my low was 5. Does this matter and if so how do you alter it.
  13. Thanks. I'm not going crazy yet then
  14. Hi I've only been playing 10 months but went mad and got the Pod. I can't get enough :D. Just a quick question regarding the 'Graphical User Interface. Can you increase the size of its screen appearance in Windows or am I missing something simple.
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