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  1. I just dusted off my old GuitarPort, everything seemed to be working, I installed off of the disc first and then downloaded some drivers to make it run. If I test my 'speakers' from the control panel it played music in my headphones that were connected to the GuitarPort. The software itself appeared to be running as well. I do NOT see the orange light when I strum my guitar and no guitar sound is played through the program, the tuner doesn't pick up a sound either. I am guessing support is not really out there for this product anymore because it is so old, but if anybody knows about this please help me out! Thanks!!
  2. Title says it all, everything else seems to be working fine (software, output to headphones, connectivity to software) I don't get the orange light when input is received. I installed a driver for Windows 7, but I think it was probably the wrong one. What should I do to get this working? I am currently without a real amp and want to play my strat. Thanks!
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