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  1. I think this would work, but you could do it just on the Helix using one on the sends on it. use the send block in the beginning of your fx chain and send it to your amp input and then the rest of what your using through helix
  2. Yeah it is just standard 4CM. If you just want the preamp sounds into a power amp with out using the physical amps preamp you don't need to do 4CM, you could just go guitar to helix to power amp (effect loop return). Helix can act as the foot switch for amp channel changing if the amp uses 1/4 jacks for controlling it.
  3. If what I just read is correct the TS7 has a bypass buffer. That could be doing it. If you need to make sure the sound is unity gain even when the ts7 pedal itself is off you can turn the return signal down for the loop block.
  4. Probably the best effect would be the "gain" block located in the volume/gain category placing it at the end of the signal chain so that it doesn't push any gain sections harder. There are at least a couple different ways to set it up. You can assign it to a footswitch or snapshot or you could link it to an expression pedal and control the gain boost that way. You could also assign level parameter of the amp or a block toward the end of the chain to a footswitch and have it change the volume that way. The gain block is easier to set up in my opinion but takes up a block, while the level parameter will not take a block
  5. Was wondering if there's any timeframe yet on the release of the line 6 helix backpack? Or even pictures that can be released. I'm trying to hold out for it because I've read that some people that have seen it say it's pretty nice but I'm wanting something to transport it in sooner than later.
  6. How does the amp controls work?(channel and reverb on amp) I am really hoping that it is assignable to instantly change per preset and then change it with stomp switches within the preset. I am wanting this for 4cm for fx before and after my amp and to control my amp switches per preset. I am also wanting to record my amp using the mic input while simultaneously using it with my amp.
  7. I can't remember if i saw it or not while reading through the threads on the helix but is the helix good with unity gain while using it in a 4CM. Ive had issues getting the HD500X to be even level so that it would be just my stomp boxes for my amp. How does the Helix control amp channeling? is it by a preset or can i change it with a footswitch within a preset? If this can completely control my amp and the overdrive and distortion boxes sound good I am probably selling some stuff off for this thing.
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