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  1. aaronlyon is it possible to send a MIDI-command to change snapshots? I have an idea: I use sometimes the Helix Native as a stand-alone-program on my PC. I not realy need a DAW for using Native. So, in some presets I use, there are snapshots. The idea now is: sending a MIDI-command with a homemade footswitch to change snapshots. Can you test this thing or what do you think? is that possible? :-) Can you give us the used MIDI-Library, please?
  2. hi Chad, thank you for your answer. I have also a hybrid guitar, called Ovation VXT. It has a magnetic and piezo. But I got not the same same sound as you with your variax. Maybe I search for better acoustic IRs and make some tests. Markus
  3. hi there... I downloaded your patch and I using an original Les Paul Tradional. But I dont know, what parameters I have to change, that my guitar sounds as good as yours in your video...I'm newbei in Helix. Can you give my any tips? greetings Markus
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