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  1. Well that was painful however i finally got everything to work! Death by a thousand cuts i think was the issue. The effects loop had to be set to 100%. The mixer left and right channel had to be both set to center. The pod hd master volume needed to be up at around 50%. The return of the effects loop had to be brought down to 15%. and finally the pod hd had to be set to line.instead of stomp. essentially many hours of trial and error figuring out the right combination, now all have to do is start playing with all these effects in my amp now weeeeee.................. thanks for all your help.
  2. After a quick test the amps effect loop is fine (took out the pod an put the rp back in). I've created a ticket with line 6 as I can't figure out was is going wrong?
  3. I'll plug my digitech rp1000 in again with the 4 cable method to rule out the amps effect loop issue, however I have been using the digitech for years with this amp so it seems a tad unlikely but you never know. cheers,
  4. thanks for the reply however i don't think this is the issue as i am using a regular guitar head(5150), i don't think those options are even available for none DT amps. thanks,
  5. hey thanks for the response, but what does "pinch off the signal at the amp" mean? What do i need to do exactly? thanks,
  6. i also noticed the looper is not playing back sound either. i had this working fine when the unit was direct into my pa speakers from the pc. now that i have it hooked into the amp i am getting these issues.
  7. I've been working on this for a few hours and no luck. I have my 5150 iii amp head and the pod hd pro utilizing the 4 cable method. I have verified that I have set it up correctly a million times. I have the effect loop on. The issue i have is, any effect put before the effects loop work fin, any effects after the loop I do not hear a thing.No delay, no reverb etc. This is driving me mad. I placed the effect loop before/after the mixer, boasted the level etc with no results. Anybody else run into this issue, any insight would be much appreciated. i will also add i have done the 4 cable method successfully with the digitech rp1000 for years with no problems, not sure what i am missing here. cheers,
  8. This happens to me and it's beyond annoying it's a bug and it should be addressed. I have now started to regularly backup all my setlist due to this issue.
  9. I have a pair of low tier m-audio speakers (Studiophile) but they only had a RCA connection so I had to use the AUX in on them as well and quite frankly my labtec with sub woofer computer speakers sound much thicker and are louder. Any suggestions on "real" studio monitors? They shouldn't cost more than the pod itself? Thanks,
  10. I have been simply using the headphone out of my pod pro hd into my aux in to my external computer speakers, it sounds perfectly fine to me by the way. Should I go out and purchase studio monitors that take advantage of all the output possibilities of the Pod? Would I hear a noticeable difference? I am recording via usb so I am good there but I am wondering if I am taking full advantage of the pod audio wise? Thanks,
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