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  1. I agree, but it would probably look more like the Yamaha BB424X or BB425X seeing as Yamaha is now a part of Line 6.
  2. I think the best option for those of us that might be looking for one amp that can handle guitar and bass sounds and practice or small gig levels could possibly be the new Ashdown AAA Line of amps (I am not in any way affiliated with Ashdown and/or any of its subsidiaries or partners). As described on the Ashdown website, "The new range of Ashdown All Access amplifiers all include AppTek sockets that connect the user’s smartphone or tablet to the amp, to further expand the available tones and FX as well as enabling players to record and practice using the fantastic array of free and purchasable apps which are available. The AppTek socket is not limited to certain devices and specific apps. It’s a simple feature that allows the amp to be used as an interface for your apps and bass, by plugging the user’s bass in and connecting the supplied AppTek cable to the device and amp. The user will be able to use the on board FX on the device as well as amp simulations, which means endless tonal possibilities are available at your beckoned call." I believe this line of amps will work well with a bass or guitar, specifically the Vintage 12. With the added bonus of the AppTek you have the ability to use AmpKit, JamUp, PocketAmp, etc. Also, you could add one of the bluetooth pedals to the app and have access to turning the effects on and off in the apps. To top it off, the amp has a great bass sound.
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