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  1. Hello, I'm playing various Guitars (acoustic, electric) but only with my Breedlove "Discovery Dread Ce" Serial No. CC140203698 the transmitter will not connect to the receiver. I plug it in the Guitar, it fits perfect, the green LED starts flashing as in search mode for the best Channel .. and it will stay in this status. As for the transmitter to be plugged direct to the guitar, which was for me the kiiler feature to buy this Item to play my preferred Guitar on stage, I'm not really willing to extend the distance between the transmitter and the guitar by using an additional adapter. I think this is a problem 100% to be solved on the manufacturers side. By the way, the "charged fully" LED Status (solid green light on Transmitter while plugged to the receiver) never appears with my G10. even after almost two days of constant charging the LED will still be "flashing" (charging). Is there an answer to this problem? Greets from Germany Bruno
  2. Hello, bought Line 6 G10 recently. Wondering, why after at least 36 Hours of constant charging, the green LED at the Transmitter still shows the "blinking green light" for charging. Will this item ever be fully charged? and how can I tell if it is or isn't? The Manual "Pilot Book" doesn't give any useful information. did anyone else make the same experience? Beside that, the Idea of the G10 is great, and I am looking forward for many hours of stage performance.
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