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  1. @brue58ski, I disagree a bit about what I should first decide. Of course I want huge variety of sounds, who doesn't. I of course have to check this myself, but the choice now seems to me: huge variety of sounds against a very small variety of sounds but 1. those few sounds are great, and 2. the guitar is great. It looks like a choice of quantity against quality, If that is the case I go for quality. There is however a bit of time pressure for me, its about the Mira. I only found 1 shop who has it, and they only have 1 Mira. So it might be gone soon. I will go to that shop next thursday or friday, play it, play a Variax, and some other guitars, a pity they don't have the SE Custom, I can not taste that one, only buy it online, and send it back if I don't like it. Also I can't play the S2 Mira, cause its not on our market yet.
  2. I really appreciate everyones input! Thanks! It widens my perspective, which is a good thing. @Stumblinman, I understand your remark about "(The PRS) will simply be the guitar that you play, instead of the guitar you tweak" cause I foresee myself tweaking all the time. About your remark about this being a line6 forum, I was aware of that, i am positively surprised that its not only Variax supporters I read. Also thanks about your remark about walking into a store and play everything thats on the wall. I shall probably not do that, but indeed why limit myself to only this or that guitar. @Spiderplayer7, indeed I agree, i should choose the guitar that inspires me to play. That is probably the most important thing!
  3. Thanks a lot everyone for your input so far!! Gives me some angles to think about. @PRSGuy (love the name lol), your thoughts make a lot of sense for me. Indeed too many options keeps you tweaking for hours, have that experience with the hd500x, which I have for a couple of weeks now. What makes me a better musician, as a thought angle is a good point. I of course like a variety if sounds, but I don't think now that that is the main argument for me now, I mean: I feel still pro PRS at the moment.
  4. Thx a lot Malnack for reply!! What I don't understand is that you say that you can alter the tone after recording. Is it possible to route a wav recording back to the Pod, and then record the output again? Thx a lot Rublalup for reply!! - makes me think from a different perspective.
  5. I have a Pod HD500X and I am thinking about buying a better guitar. I now have a Squier Affinity Strat HSS, which is intonated by a pro, but still has some tuning issues. I am thinking about buying a PRS or a JTV. In the PRS section I am thinking about a PRS Mira, a PRS S2 Mira or a PRS SE Custom 24. In the Variax section I am thinking about a JTV69 or a JTV59. As said I have a Pod HD500X and a JTV seems the next logic step, but weirdly enough I am more tempted to buy a PRS, it just looks a better guitar, better build, better playable, better sounding, in short: better quality. I haven't played any guitar mentioned, I will do that in a few days. Buy both is not an option for me. I am a home recording amateur musician. Does anyone has any thoughts about what is a better buy?
  6. this guy has patches also for hd500 and other hd's : MeAmBobbo has no problem if we use these patches, see :
  7. Thx for advice and tips about the settings! :) I also have a Motif, the XS6. Happy to know that these audio connections are possible with the HD500(X).
  8. Just tried it with iPad (instead of Korg M3) and works fine, and dummy plug is not necessary. Had a small hickup: the 500 spontaniously rebooted when I double clicked another tone in Edit screen on PC. But after that no problems.
  9. Great! Thanks for reply and for the tip about adding fx loop to tone! Hadn't thought of that. Thx!!:)
  10. I have managed to connect my HD500X to my PC and I now can record guitar audio on my PC. (Which is by the way great sounding, way better then on iPad which I used to do.) My question is: Can I connect my Korg M3 (this is a synth/workstation with audio output) to the 500 and record the audio of the Korg in stereo on my PC? I was thinking about connecting the Korg to the FX Return left and right input slots of the 500, and set the FX Return switch to line.
  11. You could try another usb cable. Probably won't be succesful but it is worth a try, I guess.
  12. I just googled it, try the Command key instaed. Command key in Mavericks = Control key in Windows, I think. My source: Another way of copying is in setlist mode, just drag the preset to another setlist, it is copied that way. By setlist mode I mean: see number 6 in my first attached picture.
  13. How to create all empty presets: don't hook the Pod to your PC with usb cable. You then get the offline mode with all empty presets and setlists. You can save those.
  14. is there a difference between the edit software in a Windows Pc and a Mac? To my knowledge there isn't. So I think all the vids for a Windows Pc also apply to a Mac. If it doesn't work, what is different exactly? Normal behaviour for copying a preset from Editor to Hd500x: select a preset (the preset is yellow then), and press 'selected' on the top left of editor screen (in the send segment). And then the hd500x will sync for a moment. Done, mission accomplished. What exactly goes wrong in your setup?
  15. Teamviewer (or other apps/tools) is perhaps an idea. Set up your PC/laptop and remote control it with iPad and Teamviewer or another remote desktop controller app. Could be an interesting experiment. Still need a laptop though. But might have advantages (if it works properly of course).
  16. I would try not pedals, but some effects I already have in the Auria app on my iPad: I have MicroWarmer, and from FabFilter Timeless 2, Saturn and Pro-Q. I don't know if it is possible to use Effects Loop for iPad, I have Sonic Port with audio in and out, must try it some day. I expect some latency, hate that, but its worth a try.
  17. Hey Hun, have you tried the noise gate? It is a great noise gate. I also have bought the Pod HD500X a few days ago and love it!!! Noise gate: you can find it here : choose first effect type "Dynamics", and then first model, which is the noise gate.
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