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  1. I am not completely sure if it is possible what you ask, but I think it is not possible, practically sure about that. But, an idea, you might consider buying a small mixer. I have a Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB. It has a mic in (with phantom power option) among other things. So your chain could be: guitar > Helix LT > mixer: plug in your mic (or use your Scarlett for that) and headphones and the Helix of course > your audio interface Scarlett > PC. You can set various volume levels on the mixer. I bought the thing for something like 90 euros and its very convenient, for me it is. I plugged in my Helix LT and studio monitors, and also my iPad sometimes to play along backing tracks (and headhones for jamming in late hours) Nice! (Detail: only 1 cable is needed for that: a 3.5 mm to 2 x 6.5 mm cable. Plug the 3.5 mm jack in the ipad/smarthone output, and put the 2x6.5 mm jacks into mixers input.) I also use it for recording: mixer headhones out > ios audio interface > ipad (and put my headhones in the ios interface) The mixer has given me lots of flexibilty for all sorts of purposes.
  2. Great man! :) Now you can fully enjoy everything about the unit. The editor really is a fine piece of software!
  3. Thanks for your reply Silverhead. Happy that the air is cleared now (about the unintentional possible provocative aspect from both of us). Good to know we both don't have negative intentions. :) Now about the losing of presets: it wasn't an issue for me, I just had bought the LT, didn't had any preset, and just wanted to update to the latest firmware. But you are right about the importance of the order of the backing up/reset/restore actions when one doesn't want to lose presets. But this is not what the discussion is or should be about, at least for me it isn't. You brought up the backing up procedure as evidence that the instructions were written as steps to perfom in that order. Better evidence would be that on top there would be a line like : Perform the following steps in this order, but there isn't such a line. My main point is that the red written instruction isn't written well, and by the manner it is presented it places itself out of the context. The use of capital red without a number before it and without specifically stating as to when the 'now' is, irritated me, cause it left me with doubts. Had they done this: 7. After updating you must reset globals and restore presets......(in red is fine now), it would be so much clearer for me. Call it illogical, but I am a user, and it happened with me, perhaps its cultural (i am Dutch), perhaps it is because I am perhaps not the avarage user. For me my approach is super logical :) Not that it is something terrible :). I only had a moment of irritation and resetted the unit too much.
  4. Of course one has to restore after backing up, i am not a fool. It just wasn't clear to me....etc, etc as I have explained already. I don't want to prove that I am right, it just wasn't completely clear to me, and I think that my doubts are not stupid. EDIT: perhaps my comment (which you replied to) was a bit provocative, sorry for that, but I don't know how to write this any other way and still be clear about it. I haven't mentioned the using of the colour red, it draws ones attention, and when reading it one might think: jee, I have to do that now or else I am risking something. Using the colour red feels like it is very important, and something special, and because these words in themselves aren't clear about exactly when to perform it, I thought: be safe, do it now.
  5. For me it is not 'given' that these 'steps' (as you call them) must be performed in this order. I have read these instructions, and it is unclear to me, at least leave room for doubt, wether you have to do it before or after updating. I read everything before I take action, and when I read "do it, do it now" I have the impuls to do it now (which is before updating). For me it would be much better to write something like: After updating you must reset,etc,etc. I read these 'steps' as points of attention, and not as 'steps'.
  6. Starting a support ticket is the best thing you can do now in my opinion. It would certainly annoy me a lot if I had this problem. I am also a new user and I had no problem on my Windows 10 laptop. You had the same question in your original post as I had: (something like:) can we jump to 2.21 immediately or do we have to update first to 2.20 and then to 2.21 ? I did the last thing, like you, to be on the safe side. Not great/stupid that this isn't clear in the instructions. What also isn't in the instructions correctly is: you have to reset the unit (that is in the instructions) BUT it doesn't say WHEN you have to reset, is it AFTER updating or BEFORE updating. Irritates me. I did both, to be on the safe side. Sincerely hope your issue gets resolved, high probability that it will.
  7. I just checked it, and this is a great shortcut in the editor! Thanks a LOT for this very good trick!! :) This is really helpful. Now the controller is set to 'snapshot' ("bracket mode") extremely fast and easy. Thanks again.
  8. Good idea!! Thanks man! :) And also thanks for your comment on how to copy a preset on the unit itself.
  9. You mean that perhaps it is faster to copy a preset several times and start tweaking every preset. And work less with snapshots? Thats an idea indeed! I then don't have the problem of constantly having to set a controller of a parameter to 'snapshot'. But I like the snapshots so much :) And: I know how easy it is to copy a preset in the editor, but I don't know how to easy copy a preset in the unit itself. I think I will stick with snapshots.
  10. Did you: go offline with you PC, de-activate all your Antivirus/firewall etc. etc software? In the link I posted his Panda Antivirus was blocking things without notifications.Also: have you updated the unit itself to version 2.20 ? or 2.21 ? if it is 2.21 then the editor might not work cause that is 2.20 (i see in your picture). As I understand it the firmware version of the unit and the version of the editor have to be the same.
  11. Thanks for your reply :) I know the procedure on the unit itself, but I didn't knew it in the editor. I will look into it, thanks.
  12. Well, I like to make snapshots where the parameters of the same effect/amp have different values from one snapshot to the other. For instance: set the drive of the amp at a higher level in snapshot 2, or set the mix of a delay at a higher level. You need to set the controller of that parameter to 'snapshot' or else when you change a paramater that change will be for every snapshot in a preset. With setting the controller to 'snapshot' you can set a unique value for that parameter in a particular snapshot.I don't know if you knew this already, but if you did knew this then I don't understand what you don't understand about my post :) So I am not adjusting presets, I am adjusting snapshots within a preset. And I do that a lot, so I am looking for ways to make my workflow faster.
  13. Perhaps this helps: I don't know if your situation is exactly the same as is in this topic, but at a glance it looks very similar to me.
  14. I have the Helix LT for almost a week now, and I am tweaking parameters a lot. Constantly manually setting the controller to 'snapshot'. I am thinking : my workflow would really benefit when all the controllers of all parameters by default have the value 'snapshot'. Is that possible? The default value now is 'none'. EDIT: hmmm...I read in the manual that each preset can have maximum of 64 controlller assignments. So that can be a problem. Hmm....but perhaps someone knows a trick to fastly assign multiple controllers to the value 'snapshot' ......but I guess not.....the maximum of 64 is a, if anyone has some thoughts about it, happy to hear it.
  15. Yes, that makes sense! Thanks for reply. As said I am new to the Helix and am exploring it. Thought that I was missing something. But it really isn't a problem as you clarified.
  16. Did you hook it up in the FX-loop, or did you use the line outs? I have Mobius and Helix LT but I am short of one cable now :) - for stereo - have to buy that yet. Didn't hook it up (yet). No...I did hook it up, but in mono, and I haven't tried this mono setup yet. Great you like it that much :)
  17. I guess what I ask is just not possible. You can assign multiple blocks to one Footswitch, or use the great feature snapshots for all sorts of things. Absolutely fantastic feature this is, snapshots! :) But no second/third page of Performance View, I guess. No big deal though, I just thought I overlooked something in the instructions/manual, cause it seemed something logic/obvious to me.
  18. I think you understand what I am asking. A lot of presets consist of more than 8 blocks in the signal chain. I am new to the Helix thing (bought the LT yesterday) but it seems handy to me to have a footswitch for most of the blocks you have in a chain, and not be limited to 8. My question is not meant as a request for future firmware, I just want to know if it is an option within the most recent firmware 2.21. It seems logic to me that it is an option, but I can't find it in the manual or elsewhere.
  19. Performance View in the Helix LT corresponds with the 8 footswitches. Is it possible to have a second page of it? Say for instance I want 16 Footswitches, I then can have 2 pages in Performance View which each has 8. I can't find an answer for this problem. By press and hold and press again the MODE FS, you can see the other Blocks in more pages, but you can only edit what comes after the first 8, but I dont want to edit, I just want to see them in normal Performance View! Anyone?
  20. Thank you! Had to google that one.:) Been playing it for a few hours now, and it is great! Love it! :) Quality guitar. It is a 2007 model and the price was then 1995 Euro ( is 2200 dollar), but I paid only 1200 euro (is 1320 dollar) cause it hanged in the store for a while, but it is in great condition, and has full garantee. Still a lot of money, but well spend. It is a great combi with my HD500X.
  21. Well people, the eagle has landed, I bought a PRS Mira Orange. This afternoon I tried a few guitars at the store: JTV 69, Fender Strat American and the Mira. I also liked the Strat a lot, but liked the Mira more. The Mira feels like a very solid guitar where things are very stable, it has nice clear and warm tones and is a beauty for the eye. It came with a suitcase included. I am very happy with it, and expect I won't regret it. I thank everyone for their input, it really widened my perspective. I tend to go into tunnel vision mode in such matters and the forum helps with that.
  22. @toneman2121, yeh read that one during my google investigation, its interesting.
  23. Thanks all a lot for every reply!! I am still thinking and thinking, but within a few days I will test some models. Does anyone has any thoughts about which is the better guitar between the PRS Mira and the PRS S2 Mira? If these guitars were the only 2 on the planet, which would you pick? I can't try the S2 cause it is not on our market yet, but I can try the Mira, this Mira is only temporarely available, and might be gone soon. If I want a Mira I must decide quickly cause they are very hard to get these days. My conclusion from google investigation is: they are different (one difference is 22 frets the S2 Mira and 24 frets the Mira) , and I read also that some people definetely prefer the Mira above the S2 Mira. I have read the official PRS answer about the differences, but I don't get a clear view from that answer. Of course they have to sell the S2's so that makes it coloured. I also have questions about JTV. There is a special priced JTV here: Line 6 JTV-59P James Tyler Variax P90 Black , and its 825 Euro, which is about 900 Dollar, which looks like a very good price. Question: does it make a lot of difference the P90 pickups, compared to the JTV's with Humbucking pickups? Also here is a Line 6 JTV-69B James Tyler Variax Black, which has HSS , so has 1 Humbug and 2 single coils and is 1100 euro (is about 1200 dollar). So 300 dollar difference, for what? the HSS versus the P90's? It is somewhat confusing for me all the types of JTV's with different prices, I understand the difference between 59 (Les Paul model) 69 (Fender model) and 89 (not interested), but all the other differences are a bit hazy for me, although I do understand that a Korean model is lower priced than a USA made model. Line 6 made things somewhat complicated in this departement in my view, you have to have a lot of guitar knowledge to understand pros and cons of each model set against the other models.
  24. I perhaps sounded like I have decided. But I haven't. The JTV looks also a good guitar and has a lot of positive things that other guitars don't have. What you can do with it, it is really tempting for me. So...........I don't know yet.
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