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  1. pmd097

    Helix FAQ

    Will the Helix provide scene switching capabilities so multiple effect states can be changed without having to switch presets?
  2. pmd097

    Helix FAQ

    I haven't seen mention of editing software for PC/Mac. I understand that the interface is easy and that I can edit with my feet, but will I be able to edit from my PC? I am hoping not to have to sit on the floor to build presets or utilize my feet while doing this if I'm not playing at the time......
  3. Thank you for the response. I wish it was that simple. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling on three separate devices before and after I got it working on the older iPhone with iOS 7.0. I would believe that this was unique to my equipment if it was one device, but not four. The only thing I can think of is that I installed Version 1.10 directly versus updating from a previous version. There may be a bug involved with going straight to the latest version....it seems that everybody on this topic had a previous version and their problems were fixed with the update.... Tried again today reinstalling on my iPad Air and iPhone 5s. Same thing....10 seconds and crash. So frustrating....
  4. This problem is not fixed. I just purchased a 75 and tried loading the app on my iPad Air. Didn't work. Then I searched the internet and found this thread. Tried my wife's iPad 2, my iPhone 5s, my wife's iPhone 5. Didn't work on any of them. Crashed on opening or within 15 seconds. Finally took out an older iPhone that only has iOS 7 (no update past 7.0) and it worked. Line 6 needs to fix this because I have a thousand dollar iPad Air that I can't use for this and have to use an old phone and look at a tiny screen. I have spent thousands of dollars on Line 6 products and expect more than this from them....
  5. I am a new Line 6 customer and have recently purchased "The Dream Rig." Before buying an external pedal for my FBV MKii I researched the web for pedals that worked well for this purpose. I found this thread, and thought I better buy a Line 6 EX-1 if I didn't want to have to plug in a cable every time I want to fire up my equipment and play. Rather than buying the external pedal that I originally wanted to go with, I bought the EX-1. I received it today from Amazon. And.....same problem. I am unplugging and plugging in every time or it doesn't recognize it.
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