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  1. I'm quite tempted to take mine back to the shop and push for a refund on the grounds that it is not fit for purpose, there is no way it is giggable
  2. Hi ejcusa1, I've had mine for about 6 months now and it's never been right, it's always had disconnection issues. Like you say it's annoying and embarassing, mine does constantly, everytime i play a different song from the library. I've updated from ios8 to ios9 so finally got it working again after weeks of waiting for the update and i was hoping it would have cured the problem but no avail. Anyway, ive had enough today, I've been in touch with the shop i bought it from and they are going to send it back to line6 for them to have a look at. I'll update you when i get it back.
  3. I'm now getting fed up with this disconnection problem, it's constant and feel really let down by line6, there is no way this amp can be gigged, anyone want an amp, it's going on eBay shortly. I like the new app update though and my only gripe is that the option menu is on the bottom, that's great until you place your iPad on top of the amp, then these buttons are right behind the knobs where you can't get to them.
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