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  1. The manual is on the remote app, at least on my tablet . Go to settings and then AMPLIFI Remote Manual, which is the third entry under ABOUT. The manual is a rev B dated 2016, which is a lot more detailed than the 2013 version that came along with my app when I bought the amp. I did not specifically download it so it must have been automatically updated. It was there before I updated my firmware three days ago. I have not been able to find the 2016 version on any searches on Google. danskerman
  2. Thank you for your reply. I read the similar post as well. Much appreciated. J
  3. I see 24 banks of presets on the remote app. Each bank has 4 presents, A - D. There are 4 presets on the amp itself, A - D. How do you choose from among the banks to show up and play on the amp? Any sugestions are appreciated. Thanks so much. Jake
  4. There are 24 banks of 4 presets in addition to bank #25 for user presets. How do you change the banks on the Amplifi 25? As far as I can see you are stuck with only the 4 presets that are factory set.
  5. There is now a full manual on the remote app. Problem is you can not print it. But at least there is one. JV-J
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