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  1. The problem is back again with my device: footswitches changing on their own! I had this issue in 2014, when the POD was 4 month old. Now it is 2 years old and the tuner switches on and off unexpectedly while playing. Very annoying when playing a live set! I will have to bring it to repair again.... last time they replaced 6 foot switches.... The biggest bummer for me is that I will have to be without my POD for an unknown amount of weeks! Again. It's like line6 forces me to buy a second POD, just as back-up, when the first one is in repair.... I'm afraid my next FX device will not be from line6 anymore, because their standards for reliablility don't meet mine!
  2. In addition to the already great tips above, I also use this one: record my live set with the entire band and then 1) listen to it again the next day and check if I notice something odd in terms of volume 2) open the recording with Audacity or any other sound editing software and visually compare the amplitudes of the sound graphs I also have two presets on my POD that I use as reference tones (one clean and one distortion tone): these are simple, dry tones with as little volume tweaking as needed (just amp volume set, the rest to its defaults). I use these tones to compare volumes when I create new tones, and as a starting point/template for new tones.
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    Sure you can, and there are different ways to create a dual-amp set-up: - connect the L and R outputs of the POD to the guitar in of each amp - use the pre-amp of one of the amps within the FX loop of the POD and then connect the L and R outputs of the PODs to the FX return of the amps - use the build-in pre-amps of the PODs and connect the L and R outputs of the PODs to the FX return of the amps It all depends on how you want to use your amps and POD and whether you have an FX loop on your amps good luck!
  4. One thing that pops into my mind is that the firmware upgrade has reset certain settings in the system set-up. More particularly, input and output options. Maybe it helps checking and / or changing these?
  5. Here are my "best practices & undocumented features" I've been collecting through time: System set-up - Input mode: make sure you have input 2 disabled (unless you use it), by setting it to "Variax". Don't set it to "Same", as this will add extra gain & noise on your presets - Output mode: make sure your output mode corresponds with your output device: use studio/direct if you connect to a computer via usb or when going straight to the studio mixing board. Use "Power amp" if you connect to a power amp, etc... Test mode Switch off the device and switch it on again while pressing on the right arrow off the four-way navigation switch (on the right hand side of the display). The only feature in test mode that is documented is "Pedal calibration" (see Quick start guide). But there are various other options: "Buttons", "Flash", ... Press the View button to select one of the options. I'm not sure how to work with this further, but maybe it is useful for debugging when the POD behaves strangely. Factory reset Switch off the POD, press on the left arrow of the four-way navigation switch while switching it back on. Set lists You can use the POD HD Converter tool to batch edit all the presets of a given set list. For example, to change all the Amps to PreAmps, or to set all the cabinets to None. This is useful to convert a Studio set list to a Live Performance set list (= when you use a power amp for live shows) Presets To copy a preset, open the set list in the Line 6 POD HD 500X Edit software. Click on the preset while holding the CTRL key and drag the preset to an empty preset ("New Tone"). You can also move presets within a set list by drag & drop, or copy presets from one set list to another one.
  6. g'day Ken, I completely agree with you, products should have a reasonable lifetime. Especially products that are marketed as "The world's most advanced guitar systems." I assume that Line6 considers the problem as not being "widespread" enough to take action, or they are just being ignorant, like many companies these days. They might find the cost of reputation loss is less than the cost of calling them back... There are even automotive companies following this strategy: I know of several cases with Citroën cars of which the engine stops working at once, out of the blue, when you're driving at 120km/h on the highway! Not a minor flaw, I would think. But they don't take any action. I guess their margins are already so low, they can't afford it. Unlike most major brands who do take whole batches of cars back even if there is a minor fault, as you say. But yeah, Line6 is not a minor / local brand, a proper call-back action would be appropriate.... This POD is my first LIne6 product. I bought it because if its versatility, which I didn't find with any of the competitors in the same price range, or even higher. If Digitech had a device with the same flexibility, I would have bought it instead of this one, I think...
  7. Hi Ken, I hope it works out for you, and L6 now gets in action, and has it repaired under warranty... I'm afraid though that you will have to miss your POD for quite a while. When my POD broke down, I was in the studio, had just started the recording of a full album.... I was slightly freaking out, with the idea we would loose our booked studio time because of this. Thankfully, the music store where I purchased the POD was understanding urgency of the situation and they provided me with a new POD for the duration of the recordings. After that, I returned the borrowed POD, and I had to wait one month before I got my own POD back, playing with my old stomp pedals instead... This was the second pedal board breakdown for me this year: I used to have a Digitech RP500. It broke down last March, then I bought the POD... At least, the POD breakdown brought one good thing as well: because of the switching problems I had been searching on forums for how to factory reset and stuff, and I discovered that my input mode was wrong: input 1 was "guitar" and input 2 was "same". Apparantly, this input 2 caused interference with the first input, making the signal dirtier and less clear. Changing input 2 to "Variax" was the solution to disable it and to get a clearer sound...
  8. Hi Ken, I don't see any video on your FB, maybe it's not publicly shared? There was one switch that kept hanging (the 2nd preset switch), but in the end they had 6 switches replaced because they didn't click properly when pressing I find it worrying that devices that are still almost new have such bad switches.
  9. Same problem here, switches reverting to previous preset. It turned out to be a hardware/switch problem. Also check these threads, if you haven't done so: http://line6.com/support/topic/5968-pod-hd-500x-serious-problem-with-switching-different-presets/ http://line6.com/support/topic/8453-hd500x-patch-changing-on-its-own/
  10. Update: I took it to Line6 repair service, and it turned out that the footswitch of the 2nd patch was not working properly/kept hanging. They replaced the footswitch, and they also replaced 5 other 5 switches, because the were not properly clicking when being pressed.... Now, it works like new. I hope for longer than 4 months....
  11. Same problem here: the preset returned to the 2nd patch. At first, it happened occasionally, and later, it happened all the time. My POD was 4 months old only... I took it to Line6 repair service, and it turned out that the footswitch of the 2nd patch was not working properly/kept hanging. They replaced the footswitch, and they also replaced 5 other 5 switches, because the were not properly clicking when being pressed.... Now, it works like new. I hope for longer than 4 months....
  12. My impression is that it is a hardware problem. I have updated the device to the latest firmware and have done several factory resets, and nothing worked. Also, just knocking on the device made it switch, as I describe in this related thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/8453-hd500x-patch-changing-on-its-own
  13. Duncann, in my opinion it is not related to a DSP limit issue, at least not in my case: even after a factory reset, the problem was still there. And when the switch issue was at its worst, it even happened spontaneously, without pressing a switch. Another remarkable thing: when I softly knocked somewhere on the metal board of the POD with the knuckle of my index finger, the POD switched presets as well. At the end, it didn't seem to matter how this knock was done on the POD: as soon as there was some kind of movement on the POD (knock on the hardware, press the Tap pedal or any other pedal, put the expression pedal in the heel position) , it switched presets. I have returned the POD to the shop for repair two weeks ago. I hope to have it back soon...
  14. Same problem here with switch instantly returning to previous preset. I've just posted a reply on a related topic: http://line6.com/support/topic/5968-pod-hd-500x-serious-problem-with-switching-different-presets/ My POD is about 4 months old only...
  15. Hi Wozynsky, did you get this resolved? Same problem here. I went to the recording studio today, and after about an hour of normal operation, the switches started behaving oddly. Whenever I tried to switch to a different preset, the POD returned to the preset on FS6. No matter what setlist I tried. It got worse and worse: after a while, I even couldn't go into the tuner, or go into the system menu, because it keeps switching instantly to FS6. When I arrived home tonight and connected the POD, it worked normal again!! Very frustrating: when I want to bring it back to the store for warranty replacement, it will probably be working normally....
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