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  1. Are there any defference (especially in sound recording quality) between ux1 and ux2 ?
  2. What's the defference between POD Studio and TonePort..??
  3. hmm, i see.. FYI, before i use line 6, i use sound card on board for recording and use Amplitube 3 plugin, the guitar sound is good . So i try to use ux1 for better recording quality, but there are no significant differences in recording quality, although i use POD Farm . Why? I think by using ux1 the recording quality should be better. :huh: btw i use FL Studio.
  4. Please help me, I use POD studio UX1 for recording my guitar without using plugin POD Farm, BUT the sound output of my guitar is really bad, like a sound recording without using an audio interface. Any solution?? Tks before..
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