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  1. RRP A$2399 from what ive been told
  2. Thanks for the suggestions I dont have an alternate power supply but the one I have looks fine to me. had a look at the USB socket and its completely intact, no damage I only play at home and in reality have barely use the HD so far. Its on 13 months old (just out of warranty!). Im annoyed that something with maybe only 50 hours of use has effectively died I created a L6 support ticket so maybe they can suggest something
  3. aussiejoe

    HD500X dead?

    Was using the HD yesterday and all was good. Just running thru presets and didn't change anything at all. Powered it up this morning and the display is just a series of tiny black squares making up 1 big square the size of the display area. I have tried powering up holding down the left arrow but no luck. Tried connecting it to the L6 software via USB but its not finding the HD500X so I cant flash it or change anything. I don't understand how it can work perfectly one day and be dead the next without anything changing overnight. Anyone have any suggestions on a fix for this cheers
  4. does it have a built in audio interface so I can hook my studio monitors straight into it?
  5. Ive tried just about everything on the market including an AXEFX (not Kemper though) Currently have a PODHD500x For the money the POD is great but it can be made much better by using 3rd party IR instead of the inbuilt cabs. IMHO its the cabs that let down the POD not the amps. I dont play live just via PC and use a Two Notes WOS plugin with IR's loaded, sounds great to me cheers
  6. Delay and reverb is typically run post amp
  7. not sure if this is possible BTW - you also can use any HD500 or HD bean patches as well in the 500X
  8. "Selecting "No Cab" in POD HD500/X completely bypasses it." "The point is that an HD cab block can't simply be replaced with a user or third-party IR" These 2 points seem contradictory to me. If "No Cab" completely bypasses the cab block then shouldn't a 3rd party IR should be able to replace it?
  9. As was pointed out in the same Gearpage post, the Logidy type stuff is just the tool - its the most appropriate IR for your purpose that's the determining factor. Find some IR's that work for you and you will be very happy with whatever you use.
  10. try moving the footpedal it could be set as a volume pedal in the patches and is restricting volume of the patch
  11. check out the Two Notes Wall of Sound IR loader plug in http://www.two-notes.com/en/software/torpedo-wall-of-sound-3/ allows for power amp on/off (can be used with POD full or Pre amps) with power amp tube choices/eq functions a variety of proprietary cab IR's or load 3rd party IRs a variety of mics and allows mic placement positional changes post cab eq functions, stacking of cabs etc etc Its free to try for 30 days Once you get familiar with the interface its easy to use Ive been using it for the last week or so, and to me its made a huge difference to my HD500X there is also a Torpedo CAB pedal for live use with much the same funtionality not spruikin, just saying, might help someone out cheers
  12. I have recently started experimenting with IR files in my HD500x Ive tried both Redwirez MixIR2 and Two notes WOS IR loaders running thru Reaper IMHO - The first thing I found is that when I connect the POD to the PC and use the POD driver in Reaper, then load up an IR file and turn off the POD cabs/mics there seems to be very little difference in sound between having the cabs on and off. I was not expecting this result. I also have an external audio interface (IK Stealthpedal). I found that if I run the POD 1/4 outs into the Stealthpedal inputs (with monitors attached to the Stealthpedal outputs) and use the Stealthpedal drivers in Reaper the difference between the POD cabs and the IR cabs is very noticeable. The IR files sound much better to my ears and remove much of the high end fizz that I hear from time to time from the POD. Its as if because the POD is not a VST plugin that the IR loader doesn't get recognised by the POD driver software. This could be the reason why some folks dont hear a substantial difference. Anyway, Im happy to experiment with IR files - Im a tweeker at heart! cheers
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