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  1. I'm running the latest firmware for my amplifi150 2.60 firmware and fbv3 1.2.2 firmware and still no change to leds annoyed or what false advertising when it states compatible with amplifi 75/150 etc it doesn't state anywhere other than these forums that you only get full function and aesthetics with the firehawk. Come on line 6 poor poor. At least pull your fingers out and create a update of patch
  2. I am getting angry now I bought a amplify 150 within a week it had to be sent back because it kept crashing I received a new one and 3 weeks later it crashed again tried everything to resolve this so the new one has gone back as well now. they sent a replacement but not the 150 they sent out a 75 and the Bluetooth doesn't work now within the app everything is updated I have followed every instruction and still no I tried other devices but still no what is wrong with this company! nothing works its a pile crap never will ever buy another product from line 6 ever again I now recommend to anyone I know in the music industry never to buy line 6 products and I now will take it further and go for compensation I have now lost money from venues because I have not been able to play on stage with the amp mic'd up not once did I ever have this problem with my Vox or my Marshall. sort your selves out Line6 your product is shocking!!! do you not think of young artists starting of with no money they cant afford big jcm800s or orange amps so they buys these amplifi150s etc and then to be let down by line6 because they cant build a decent amp that will work everytime you turn it on.
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