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  1. Thanks Bill. I checked the website. Thats exactly what i was looking for. I was going to order this adaptor off that site. But this one says the output is 9v DC with 2000mA, Where as line 6 pod requirement says Output > 9V Ac 2000mA. will that be any issue or what do you think? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1pc-9V-2A-AC-DC-Power-AC-adapter-Power-Supply-Cable/619267289.html
  2. Hey Bill - I was somehow expecting that you would respond to my post. :) and it turned out, you responded. I checked on Amazon and eBay, but the shipping price is a rip off. So instead i was looking for some adaptor with the same specs as PX2's within India.
  3. Hello Guys - Can someone tell me where can i buy a new power supply for my line 6 x3 live? I live in India and is there a website that i can pick this up from or any dealer who sells these adaptors? 9V AC 2000mA - PS2 adaptor. Thanks. Jeff
  4. Hey Bill - Thanks for the help. I actually checked those videos already :) But you have always been helpful to me. thanks & Regards Jeff
  5. Hello Guys - Can somebody give me decent tone settings for Pantera, Opeth and Gojira? I know I could download the tones from the customtome link, But I have a broken USB and I have a gig coming up pretty soon. I would be grateful if someone could help me with this. Thank you for the help in advance. Regards. Jeff
  6. Thanks Bill for the input. I did open a support ticket wit line 6 and they provided me the service center info. Pablo - Thanks for your response as well. I shall try it on a Mac as well and see how it goes. Regards.
  7. Anyone who can help with Pantera floods solo and Outro setttings please? Thanks.
  8. Hey Bill - Thanks for your help here. I tried with the 9v 2A Adapter as well. Its the same story. I think it all boils down to one fact that USB port may be broken? or are theere any other things that i can try? Thanks.
  9. Hey Bill - I am actually based out of India. Got this X3L off the ebay website from the US. I am not sure if the USB port has been working all this while before i got it or not. However, I had an issue with the Power adaptor So i replaced with the one i have which is 9v with 1.3amps. Do you think thats what is contibuting to cause this Issue? the USB port on that unit looks okay. I can try getting that USB port replaced. Any other Ideas? Thank you.
  10. I tried with teh USB cable - infact tried with three cables - no go...stil shows a yellow triangle under device manager. I am using windows 7. Anyone who had the same issue can you throw some light on how you fixed it:? Thank you.
  11. Hello Guys - I recently got a used X3L and everything is functioning properly. However, When i want to install some good patches off the custometone website..My X3L would be able to work when connected via USB. It shows the device listed under device manager, but with a yellow triangle and it tells me error code - device cannot start. I tried installing drivers off the website. tried on multiple windows computers with different windows OS(XP, windows 7). Still no change. When i called Line 6 tech support i was suggested to get the USB port replaced. My question is if its the port issue how can the device me detected in device manager to begin with? Can you guys please help me fix this issue? I would like to use gearbox and get some cool patches Vs doing manual settings on the X3L. Thank you for the help in advance.
  12. Can anyone help me please? I could have got the patch from the customtone website, but then the driver for my x3 live can't be installed for whatever reason. Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. For some reason - I somehow can't get gearbox work on my windows 7 PC. Tried all the steps that I could find in the forum with no luck. If someone could post settings in this thread will be of great help! Thanks Guys - Jeffrey
  14. Thank you :) I'll check that link. If you got any nice patches. Please share the settings. I would appreciate it. Regards, Jeffrey
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