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  1. Hi to Chile.


    I am recently facing the problem to connect a POD HD Pro (Device ID 415a) to my OpenSuse. From your posts I've seen, that you made a document to make it work by patching the kernel. Unfortunately the instructions (referred to as https://sites.google.com/site/hmoller/pod-hd-desktop-linux or https://sites.google.com/site/hmoller/pod-hd500x-linux) are no longer accessible. Do you think it is possible to provide this documents again?


    You would help me a lot!!!



  2. That's the way I do it. Assign a controller to it and send the controller via Midi. Only disadvantage is that the controller toggles on/off. No way to send the controller with a value on or off. But as long as you receive all controllers and don't miss one you're fine. Remember you have to connect the FX-Send with the FX-Receive with a Patch-Cable in order to get it working (at least with my HD Pro X, guess the HD 500 is the same).
  3. Wow, thanks for the answers. It's useful hints. I think there will be a lot of testing ahead. I own the POD for one and a half year now. I am pretty happy with the sounds and used my old TC G-Major for the controlled parameters. But it is obvious that using a second effect gear just because of the midi limitations of the first one is not a solution (and I need rack space for other toys :-). So I have started this project which causes a lot of testing, programming and again testing. I was also thinking of getting an FBV3 instead of the midi board. But since we are usually playing big scenes (and using the midi boards midi in/out as some kind of midi line driver for the distance between the stage sequencer to the POD) this leads to the problem of missing midi in/out of the FBV3. Every solution I found up till now has a backdraw. Difficult to find the least significant one to start over. So your input is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Chris
  4. Thanks for the reply. I guess that's what I will end up with. The example was just the Volume but it also goes to effect parameters. So it will make an even "ugly" work (the programming and midi files) a bit more ugly. I would prefer a more comfortable way. So if anyone is aware of another possibility it really would be of help. ChriS
  5. Hi Community. I am still looking for a solution on how to use the POD without Floorboard. Just with plain MIDI. It is not a matter of how to change programs or send CCs for the Pedals. It is a matter of how to programm the POD. Let's say I want to use EXP1 for the Volume of the Amp. There is no problem to set the Min and Max value, let's say to 70 and 100. Setting the Values in the Editor and using a MIDI-Board to test it works ok. Having the Pedal at MIN and save the Patch works. Now the problem: Every time I select the patch the Volume of the Amp goes to MAX Value instead of the MIN value. I really need it to go to MIN value on programm change. So here's the question: How can I programm the POD to have initially all MIN-Values after a programm change. And no, there's no way to use a Line6 Board. All guitar parameters are set via midi by our stage sequencer. Thanks in advance ChriS
  6. Hi. I have setup my POD HD X Pro to be used without FBV Controller. I am used to my old MIDI Footboard and too old to learn new Assignments and limitation of 4 Programms on one bank are not enough for me. So there is good reason not using the FBV Controller. It seems that if there is no FBV Controller (and with it no Expression-Pedal) present the POD assumes that initially the Expression Pedals are on position "On". That's really an issue for me, because we are using a stage sequencer which sends a lot of PGMs to the POD. Each time the Programm Changes I will receive an undesireable "On" for the Exp-Pedals. I have tried to send a "Value = 0" Midi Message to the POD with every PGM-Change, but there is still a noticable boost in the sounds when changing the programs. So my questions are: 1. Is there any way to tell the POD that without FBV or EXPs connected the initial value for the EXPs is "OFF" (or 0)? 2. Is there any way to connect some kind of loopback-adapter to the FBV-Jack which simulates the EXPs are "OFF" or 0? Thanks for your help. ChriS
  7. Hi Gorden. From my knowledge the FS1 just listens to CC01 while the FS2 just listens to CC02. They are not assignable to other CCs. Was a problem for me too (Our live setup sends CC07 and CC11). I added a Molten Voltage OSMOSIS between our live-sequencer and the HD500X. OSMOSIS translates CC07 to CC01 and CC11 to CC02. I didn't wanted to change all the midi-files. Hope this helps. ChriS Ups, by the way: I guess CuBase can automatically change the CCs for you (One of the MIDI-Options).
  8. First of all I got another advantage of the Line6 stuff: It has a living community. Thanks. For me there seems to be no remarkable difference between the time when connected to the PC or not. The symptoms are the same. I will check about the midi later. Got to tell you I didn't use the ABCD-Buttons so far. MIDI makes guitarists lazy. Our live setup is driven by a MIDITEMP (20 years old but still number 1 in reliability) and at home I am using CuBase. I can't even remember when I did a manual switch the last time (It's even worse, usualy I don't remember the preset numbers). To summarize: Yes, I am using MIDI to switch the presets. Thanks for the tip, will start another search in the forum/google.
  9. Hi Phil. It sounds like there is one change (a short interrupt) and after that the newly selected sound has again a short outage. The first outage would be somewhat acceptable, but the second one makes the complete programm change to exceed a full second (which is not ignorable). I told you, it's my main problem. For the other replies: I am aware of the "trick" with Amp A and Amp B. But that would imply to make changes to our stage sequenzer (different setups for JMP1/GX700/G-Major with one setup and HD500X with the other one). All future changes would require changes in both setups. That was not the intention when buying the HD500X. After the OSMOSIS solved the problem with the CCs of the pedals, the switching problem was getting more and more obvious. Anyway, thanks for your replies guys. ChriS
  10. Hi all. The advanteges of the hd500x have been discussed in several threads. Maybe it's time to talk about some disadvanteges. All of them are the result comparing the setup of my old Rack (Marshal JMP1, BOSS GX700 and TC G-Major) with the "all-in-one"-solution HD500X. First of all: The sound is great. Now the disadvanteges: 1. Switching time and "noise": Switching from one preset to another takes too long and produces noise on both outputs (line and XLR). This has been a suprise because switching the presets on my old stuff (which is in fact a program change on three somewhat old devices) is not noticable. Even switching to the same sound (e.g. from 8C to 8C) causes the interrupt and crackle. That's the major weakness. Still searching for a solution on this. 2. MIDI-Controller: Our Band-Setup is all done by the stage sequencer. Here it sends CC 7 and CC 11 for the volume-pedal and a global value for predefined effect values. The HD500X is only capable of receiving CC 1 and CC 2, which is usually Modulation Wheel and Breath Controller. Even this does not follow MIDI-Standard it would cause a lot of effort to re-programm the sequenzer and would make it afterwards unusual for my old setup. I ended up with a MOLTON VOLTAGE OSMOSIS, which translates the incomming controller 7 to 1 and 11 to 2. 3. No Volume-independant XLR: There seems to be no way to make the XLR-Outputs independent from the master-knop. This implies that every time I got the feeling, that my stage sound is to loud or not loud enough our mixer gets a problem. Realy love the JMP1 for that feature. If anyone has a solution or tip for No. 1 it would be highly welcome. Still hope I can get the baby running. Chris
  11. Hi. I am currently thinking about switching from my heavy rack to a multi-fx board for smaller gigs. Upon checking the requirements against the features of the HD500X there's one item not totally clear to me. Requirement: Program-Changes are sent from the keyboard-sequencer via midi to the device. The existing program change events should not be changed in the midi-files. Fullfilled Capabilities HD500X: It is able to receive midi program change events Unknown Capabilities HD500X: It should change to (let's say) preset 16D when receiving Program change to 34 In other words: Is it possible for the device to receive a given program change and map it to a specific preset? Thanks for your help. ChriS
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