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  1. That's exactly what I'm doing normaly, as I don't want to connect more than one cable to the guitar. Maybe I make myself a cable with stereo plug on the JP-side and two mono plugs on the Helix-side, so I coul'd combine the best of both worlds.
  2. Hi Shimonma357 Had the same requirement last month and found this thread here in the board: Created Ultimate Fender John Mayer Clean (Files including custom IRs) This Thread helped me a lot, especially also the analyse of the patch from user amsdenj (some postings below in the thread). I have tweaked it a bit for my purpose. Now I use one version direct to pa if I play with the choir in church, and one version with my DT25 at home. Give it a try and let us know, what you mean to it. regards Ivo
  3. I use the FH now for about two weeks for our church choir. I never had a problem with it until last Saturday evening while church service, where the unit just went silent, so there was suddenly no guitar in the mix. Fortunately, it was during the last song we played, but it was very frustrating. In September we do some kind of Musical, and I don't want to go in that with a bad feeling, that the FH could suddenly stop working while a song (I have also some solos). All I can say, it was a slightly modified patch from the cloud (couldn't recall the exact name, I have to see at home). No big stomping around, just slight use of volume pedal. Maybe I should take the HD500x to the next gig, just to protect my heart :-). I really like the FH concept of easy editing and the tone match feature, but if it is unstable like this, I wouldn't use it for gigging.
  4. At home while practice, I usually have the POD connected and Edit running to work with the patches in a comfortable way. So I think this is the problem then. I will try it tomorrow with Edit not running. Seems I've just not understand the way the POD behaves. Thank you for your help!
  5. Thank you for the fast answers! I wasn't aware that I could just reload the same patch again. I thought it saved the changes until power off / on again. I think, I was connected to PC when recognising this behaviour. So I will try this tomorrow.
  6. Hi there Since about one year I own a HD500x and use it regularly at home for practice and with a choir, where I play in the accompanying band, mostly at churches. Now my problem is, that the HD500x lies on the ground with all cables plugged in, and if unfortunately e.g. the guitar cable "hangs" over the HD500x, it misadjust the knob position to an unwanted setting (mostly the knobs in the top row, Drive, Bass, Mid etc.), resulting in bad sound. Especially in a live situation, this is really annoying. My solution would be to just reload the saved patch, but I couldn't figure out how to do this when not connected to the computer (there I just copy an empty patch to this slot, but while in a live situation, this is not possible). So, am I the only one that fights with this problem? How would you solve this? Thanks for your help and ideas. erklaerbaer
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