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  1. i forgot to mention, im not really a software person. so if someone can show me the settings of the dials, that would be great.
  2. Hello Line6 Comm Reg the POD 2.0 Does anyone know how to re-produce a guns n' roses tone using the line6 POD 2.0? and where can we find a library of tone settings of our favourite bands? I need to know Please advise.
  3. Hello Guitar Pros and sonic experts. I got an issue with my FBV Shortboard MkII because it goes blank when i connect it to my POD 2.0. It does not seem to control the thing. Am i doing something wrong here? or is the Shortboard MkII just not able to control or not compatible to my POD 2.0? and if not, is it possible to mod the FBV shortboard MkII so that it can control my POD 2.0? I need your help. Pls advise. Rgds NT
  4. we have the same feeling bro. i feel frustrated as well coz i posted something about the DL4 two weeks ago but till now I have not received any reply not even one. reg my issue, i was wondering if the POD 2.0 can mimic the Multi-head effect of the DL4 - no one replied. :( sad*
  5. unbelievable. it's been a week and it seems no one wants to help me out. makes me think if I still want to buy another line6 product. this is ridiculous.
  6. Hello Line6 Community. I need help with regards to my Line6 POD 2.0. I'm wondering if I can mimic the "multi-head" effect of the DL4 using my POD. If yes, how to tweak the settings of my POD manually to create that effect. (i dont use the sound editor). To fully-understand what I mean, please refer to the video at 01:48. . . Please advice. Thank you.
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