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  1. No I haven't been able to use it through any windows powered computers yet but I'm more than certain this is the issue, the computer just doesn't install the drivers correctly and its somewhat annoying. I stuck with it, making tones ETC... because I was fairly certain that it was not the Pod that was the issue. I can see that the drivers aren't installed onto my computer. When I entered the Sudo commands at some point it said the drivers don't exist, basically telling me that the computer does install the driver file, it just doesn't run them. IDK, are there any Macintosh gurus out there lol.
  2. Ok, I updated my system to Mavericks (Mac OS) and there is now this message coming up when I go to install the drivers. Its an operating software issue. it reads as follows SYSTEM EXTENSION CANNOT BE USED The system extension "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBEthernetHost.kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update. Methinks that if I can repair this issue, I might be able to get my Mac to recognize the drivers when I install them. PLEASE HELP, I would love to start making youtube videos and lessons and songs, and I know that this piece of hardware will give me a great sound for that application!!! I know this thread has gone on for quite some time but if we can figure this out I think it may be very helpful to others in the future as well. Cheers, Strat-O-Holic
  3. Well I decided to try again last night, nothing... I deleted all of the software from LINE 6 and reinstalled the drivers, monkey, and the license manager. Everything is as up to date as possible. I installed the first firmware version weeks ago and out of complete annoyance I haven't even touched the thing. Monkey sees the pod via midi, and I was able to update the Pod to the latest firmware 3.01. It says no drivers are installed even when I installed them myself straight from the LINE 6 website, and I also tried doing it in Monkey. So, I restart the computer after it says installation successful and monkey still says "Drivers installed: NO". Apparently they aren't installing correctly. What the hell do I do, I'm seriously amazed that this is so impossible to do. the thing is basically unused.
  4. It seems I've stopped caring how to do this. I like the PodXT but it's taken time away from practicing and I just don't care to fumble around like a retard doing the same thing over again. Looks like there's nothing more I can do here. If I do BY ANY CHANCE get it to work (when I'm less annoyed) I will be sure to post it here. Until then, thanks for all the help.
  5. Ok, I contacted support... lets just say we got nowhere. I told him exactly what I'd done in the past couple of weeks starting with trying the newest Monkey then buying the MidiSport Uno and trying all sorts of various older Monkeys and drivers. I also told him that the machine says ESN 000000 USB ver 0.00 The only thing he could offer me was to delete all the software and try to reinstall everything from there. :angry:
  6. Agreed, we may may not... not a hit on anybody but I'm no expert on the computer either so it may be on my part as well. I' been as descriptive as I can be, hopefully I was able to convey the situation in an understandable way. I'll keep everyone updated, remember any ideas are MORE than welcome!!!!
  7. i'll do what I can with them. I'll try a couple of more times and then I'll contact support. I was under the impression that this was the most effective way to get help. If it works out I'll post it here for anyone who may have a similar issue in the futere. Again thanks to all of you and rock on... also if anyon else has more to add, don't hesitate to post it... at this point whatever else I can get is more than helpful. Cheers, Strat-O-Holic
  8. Nah, all is in English, I installed the drivers many times. There may be in issue with the location of the drivers that were previously installed. I've gone though the installation process many times and even weirder is the fact that on older L6 Monkey systems they show up as installed but don't on the newer versions. :confused: :frustrated:
  9. Same situation while entering it into the terminal after the repair. I'm not sure now what to do and am just considering getting rid of the thing but for the purpose of the thread and my inability to quit anything, I'll push on.
  10. Ok I tried to run the Sudo pkgutil commands heres what I get sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtaudio.package 2014-08-29 16:26:35.037 pkgutil[416:e07] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/FirmwareLoader.pkg 2014-08-29 16:26:35.048 pkgutil[416:e07] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/M-Audio USB MIDI Support.pkg 2014-08-29 16:26:35.049 pkgutil[416:e07] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/USB-MIDI-PlugIn.pkg No receipt for 'com.line6.driver.xtaudio.package' found at '/'. Same thing on the next one Zap gave me sudo pkgutil --forget com.line6.driver.xtmidi.package 2014-08-29 16:32:44.779 pkgutil[429:e07] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/FirmwareLoader.pkg 2014-08-29 16:32:44.790 pkgutil[429:e07] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/M-Audio USB MIDI Support.pkg 2014-08-29 16:32:44.791 pkgutil[429:e07] PackageKit: *** Missing bundle identifier: /Library/Receipts/USB-MIDI-PlugIn.pkg No receipt for 'com.line6.driver.xtmidi.package' found at '/'. So yeah... :wacko:
  11. the USB does work with other hardware/software so I'm positive the cable is just fine. The USB firmware on my pod says version 000000 so I don't think there is any USB compatible softweare installed on the device just yet.
  12. Hey, Had no time to look into this further yesterday but to all who are interested I will keep you updated as soon as I possibly can. Cheers and Thanks, Strat-O-Holic
  13. I will try this when I get home, I'll post the results here, maybe I'll take a photo or two. I'm sure there are some struggling with a similar issue somewhere in the world. Thanks again to all who've helped. EDIT: Oh, I did also do a safe mode reflash the other night, to stock firmware then to the 3rd (last update) version. I hope I'm using the term firmware correctly btw LOL
  14. OK, that would be the terminal on my computer? I reinstalled many different drivers and I've gotten relatively nothing but you're saying this is the correct way to do it? Oh, and do I have to do this for every version of the drivers I've installed... because I've repeated the process many times. And thanks for your quick response it's very appreciated :)
  15. Here's an update to anyone interested. I can't get drivers to be recognized via the newest Monkey but in a very old version it can see them and it says installed. The USB firmware will not update (its version 00000 LOL). I re-flashed and reset it to factory settings three times, trying the newest first and then going to the original to see if that would work. I also Installed the first set of drivers that came out and progressively installed them all to see if USB support would be updated. It hasn't been. I installed the all drivers and then the new Monkey to see if it would see my drivers and it doesn't so I keep going back to the old Monkey and again it does, even the newest drivers. There's no USB firmware anywhere I can find on the LINE 6 site here. It seems there is also another issue. I was able to get the LINE 6 PodXT USB support thingy that's located in my system preferences (MAC) and earlier versions did not support Intel based MacIntosh computers. I was later able to get a version that is supported by Intel Macs but the problem is it wont detect the PodXT when its connected via Midi or USB (obviously it wouldn't through Midi). Monkey recognizes the pod when hooked up Midi so at least I know there's something that works. More food for thought (sorry this is so long but I could use some help), When I'm in the monkey program theres a question mark next to USB Firmware and when I click on it to see if I can update it I get something like: "This can only be updated via USB connection, please plug in your device, BLAH BLAH" So I disconnect it from Midi and plug in USB (I know it won't work but....) and It says something again like: "No device detected but choose your device from the drop down menu and Monkey can walk you through how to set it up" I assume it means even without the device connected it can download the right USB firmware and then I'd be able to install it etc... Well it doesn't walk you through a Got Dang thing LOL There has to be something I'm doing wrong, or at least there has to be a way to make this work... I mean plenty of people have apparently. I was doing all this for hours and I'm getting really annoyed but I'm not giving up!!!! FINISH WHAT YOU START I keep telling myself lol. Thanks, Strat-O-Holic
  16. ok guys, I got my Pod connected but I can't get it to update the drivers. it recognizes the pod when hooked up through Midi but it still doesn't see it when hooked up via USB. I'm getting a bit frustrated at the moment with this. I just want this to work already!!!!!
  17. I hear ya there, no PC at the moment. My Toshiba Laptop died in a coffee/drunk girlfriend incident. don't ask how an entire pot ended up on it because I wonder the same thing. I just got my MidiSport UNO so I'll let you guys know what happens when I connect it. Any tips on what to look out for? Thanks again, Strat-O-Holic
  18. Hey Man, I've tried downloading the drivers that way, they install and nothing happens. I'm really confused about this, the sole purpose I wanted this POD was to record into my computer. They don't show up in monkey. Is there any way I can install them directly without Monkey (to the pod I mean) ?.
  19. Ok guys, just an update. It says as follows on that page. PodXT Version 3.0.0 USB Version 0.0 ( yes it says version zero ) And I still cant get my computer to recognize my Pod. Will I need that Midi to USB cable or is it a crap shoot? Any help is very much appreciated Cheers, Strat-O-Holic
  20. I'm not sure of the firmware, it is one of the ones with the newer Line 6 badge on it, not the script logo. If that's what I have to do I'll go for it. M-Audio Midisport Uno. I think I'll remember that. The midi cable can go straight to my computer or will I have to be plugged into another device to run to my laptop? Thanks again for the help guys.
  21. Hey all, first poster here, I'm part of the Strat- Talk community but now I need your help!!! A friend of mine bought her son a POD XT some years back along with a Classic Vibe Strat having seen some reviews on Strat-Talk and various websites about. She'd seen a lot of praise on both and went for it, he was 13 at the time but left everything to rot for a few years. She gave me the POD XT a week ago, great product. I've been using it through my fender amp but I now want to use it as an interface but after downloading Line 6 Monkey and getting the drivers through Monkey it still shows up as Not Connected and No drivers installed. I'm going through Mac OS 10.6.8 No matter what I do I cant get the thing to show up in monkey or my laptop. What should I do, I have no problem resetting the software on my POD. Any insight is much appreciated. FYI she lost the original box and installation discs. Thanks guys Strat-O-Holic
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