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  1. Hello, I am new here and just landed due to my search for a Variax Bass. I came from guitar, have also a Variax and I like the possible options. Since 2 years I am addicted to Bass playing and use the Line 6 HD400; reason for me to buy was. I had no clue what type of bass amp might fit to my taste (as I was Bass virgin) so with the HD400 I have a wide range of various bass models. With the Bass I start with a cheap Squier and now, after being sure to continue bass playing, I would add a Variax Bass to have the same flexibility like with the Variax guitar. Perfect would be a Tyler PJ Bass with the Variax hard/software; I am sure that this kind of bass would find its customers! Is there a chance to release such a Tyler Variax bass on the market? best regards Juergen
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