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  1. Hi all, Volume Pedal in global mode misbehaviour. Whatever patch I choose, volume pedal in global mode, I take note of the volume I'm in a given moment, let's say 50%, I just move up or down the volume pedal, let's say up to 63%. Then I change to another patch and I'd expect the second one to be at the same volume point (it's global configured) but it's not, it's something more thatn that, lets say 69%. I want to cross check the problem and be sure it's not a problem with the patch change, I then go back to patch one and verify if it's as I left it (63%) but it's not it's again at 69%. Problem increases as the volume change increases and it's very noticeable when you have to switch patches multiple times during a solo as volume will be different between the first patch and the second one. Has anyone experienced that ? Thank you very much in advance.
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