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  1. ebbe

    FRFR users: Looking for input

    I Can recommend Proel Wedge WD12 -or some other Active coaxial stage monitors. I use 2 in a stereo setup, link to PA - The coax is very good reg. to avoid feedback - it Sounds wonderful, i paid just about 300$ a pcs
  2. I Can recommend active 12" coax stagemonitor - i use 2 in a stereo setup and it sounds awesome - very loud and almost no feedback (+ a very reasonable investment)
  3. ebbe

    Firehawk in shops?

    Thanks! ðŸ‘
  4. ebbe

    Firehawk in shops?

    Anyone knows when it appears in The shops?
  5. ebbe

    New Amplifi Facebook Group

    What is The name of The group? - can't find it on iPad app
  6. Btw - you get The routing to pa from The aktive monitors
  7. I use The fx100 with 2 aktive coax monitors, stereo setup - it sounds awesome! (Wont spend $ for 2 of the stagesource speakers;-) I love it!
  8. ebbe

    Connecting FX100 to AMPLIFI 150?

    Use The aux in (The back of The amplifi150) and The mains out from The fx100 - it works fine, sounds a little different than The Sound in the 150 alone
  9. ebbe

    Connecting FX100 to AMPLIFI 150?

    With The fx100 i get The best Sound (from The amplifi150) when i connect it to The aux - in The back of The 150 and from The mains stereo out of The fx100 - it Sounds nice
  10. ebbe

    FBV Longboard

    Do you mean The mk1 versions of fbv shortboard also Will work fine?
  11. ebbe

    Amplifi 150 And Fbv Shortboard

    How about shortboard mk1 - is it usefull?