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  1. Just bought the Helix. Love it. I use a Boss RC-300 looper through the effects loop which has fade out. I use the fade out all the time. Seems like the Helix looper is not useful for live playing (unless you do the expression pedal thing described above.) Looper is fine if just recording a track though. Hoping they come out with fade out (AND fade in) in next update.
  2. I'm still researching the Helix, but I have a question. I have a Boss RC-300 looper, (3 loops, lots of functionality). On my current pedalboard, I set it up 2 ways. In both cases my chain is: guitar, compressor, Pitchfork, distortion, volume pedal, looper, delays, reverbs. 1) Can I use my looper in this same location with the Helix? 2) I also sometimes place the looper dead last, thus recording the signal with all effects. Can I do that? If I can do both, do I need to swap any cables, or is the looper just in one of the 4 effects lines? Thanks, really appreciate any help, Bill
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