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  1. Where within the newest Mac version of Helix Edit 2.81 software can I assign my foot switches for my Helix Floor?? I can use the command center on the device itself but I haven't been able to find the equivalent on the newest Helix Edit software. I need to be able to set up all the foot switches as midi notes that trigger Ableton tracks. In the past I assigned these switches, with custom labels and colors, through the the Helix Edit software. I'm hopeful that function is still available and I'm just missing it. Anybody know the answer? Thanks! Andy
  2. Thank you. Pressing the “mode†button did the trick.
  3. Thanks for the response. Are you sure? When I’m in my mode settings there is not an option that I can see for JUST stomp. I only see combination settings (ie half stomp/half preset).
  4. Hi! I updated to the newest Firmware v 2.30.0 and can now only have the helix display (4) stomps. In the prior firmware version I could choose 8 stomps. It appears that now the preset mode only allows for a combination of presets/stomps/snapshots. Is this correct? Is it possible for me to display on the helix 8 stomps like previous firmware?? Thanks, Andy
  5. Thanks so much! I'm messing with your instructions right now! So far so good!
  6. Haaaaa. Oh wow. That does seem like a worthy cause... the old fashioned.
  7. Thanks for responding. Yeah, I'd love to see a screen shot of what you're thinking. Given the clarity you just provided, I think you're saying to create two paths within path 1 - path 1A/path 1B. I'm excited to see how you isolate each path (violin via aux 1 vs guitar via guitar in), splitting them to path 1A or 1B yet sum them to the looper. You'll be my hero and I'll cease to look like I'm tap dancing on stage. Ha ha.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion but I'm not seeing a way to drag nodes from path 1 (either 1A or 1B) to path 2. Is there a way you could build the split you are imagining, screen shot it and post here? I'd really like to understand what you're envisioning.
  9. Thanks. I tried your idea but I can't see an option to send 1A to 2B. Am I missing something?
  10. What is the proper way for me to create a patch OR patches that will allow me to loop acoustic guitar and violin live from the Helix? I want to be able to record acoustic guitar via the looper and then immediately add violin. Ideally this would be done within a single patch where I have access to fx pedals for both. Currently I have my violin sending into "Aux1" and my acoustic guitar sending into "Guitar In." Both sound excellent. How do I preserve 2 separate signal paths (the first signal path being acoustic guitar - sending through Guitar 1; and the second path being violin - sending through Aux 1) yet have them sum to the looper? Do I need to create 2 separate patches (violin) and (AG) and switch between the two? Or can I create 1 patch using separate routing (paths 1A and paths 2A) to and somehow sum them to the looper? I was trying the latter idea of 1 patch with two separate paths (1A for guitar and 2A for violin) but guitar ends up being pushed through path 2a, thus picking up all the violin fx. Attached is my current patch. Can anyone help?
  11. Ahh! That's right. Thank you Uber Guru! I'm really digging the jump to my Helix. Been a long time customer but the versatility of this particular model is pretty amazing. Still getting used to where everything is mapped. Really appreciate the fast response.
  12. Hello! I just updated to the latest firmware 2.12 and seemed to have lost the ability to go into global settings foot switches preset mode switches and change ALL 8 switches to STOMP. It will only let me do a combo of 4 "preset" and 4 "stomp." What am I missing? I would like to use only 1 preset with 8 stomp pedals to trigger abelton live tracks. I had it set up properly before the update in global settings but can't find my way there again. Thanks!
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