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  1. I already did, problem is I don't use a laptop I'm just gonna go on and buy an interface, seems I can't get rid of the problem.
  2. Thanks for the respond! I'm using an iMac and I tried plugging all the other peripherals from it and also tried using the same power outlet, I also tried running the Pod HD pro from my USB Hub but I still get that noise.
  3. Hello everyone I purchased a line 6 pod hd pro about a week ago and I love the tones you can get out of it the only problem is that when it's connected to my computer via usb it gives me this really annoying noise every 3 minutes or so. I attached a file of the clean tone so you can hear how it sounds. Did anyone have this problem, or does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Cheers! line6problem.mp3
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