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  1. Martione4000

    Midi sync / time clock POD HD500x

  2. Martione4000

    Midi sync / time clock POD HD500x

    I picked up a Beatbuddy drum pedal and I have it plugged into the POD HD500x through MIDI. The problem I'm facing is the time clocks are off by .08 bpm. Does anyone have any thoughts to calibrate or correct the time clock sync?
  3. I use the 4CM so I have an MXR 10 band EQ which follows the HD500x for live live playing. For the most part, if I use an EQ on the pod it's just as a db gain booster.
  4. Martione4000

    Issue With My 4 Cable Method Setup- Hd 500

    I have a newer VOX AC50cp2. I have the exact same issue. So coming across this thread has me thinking it may be the internal circuitry of he VOX itself. The effects loop of the amp works normally with just a standard setup, but with the pod 4cm it seems to just run through the amps preamp. I've tried all the tests too and still find the 4cm just doesn't work with my amp. It's not terrible, but now my curiosity of what this pedal can still do has me climbing the walls.