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  1. You probably can't tell a delay difference at 10,000 nths of a second.
  2. From a "non-experimental" perspective. if you are using a Noise Gate you are making something in your chain do something that it does not do well. If you want to limit sound from your gat while you are not playing it, use a Hard Gate. But any pedal or effect that is used to take away things from your sound is simply a bad thing. EQs and the like excluded of course which is another topic. Figure out what is creating that sound and replace it with something that actually works. From an experimental perspective, if you are adding something into your chain to filter your sound because it achieves some special tone, then go for it. Most guitarists will find a way to achieve the sound they desire without a bunch of wizardry. That's where the balance between new technology, gear knowledge, and playing ability must be achieved. That said, I have never been one to shy away from an experiment. As a minimalist, I am fascinated by the challenge of achieving a sound with as few robots as possible. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat... I like cats. Be nice to your kitty. Steve.
  3. I purchased my first Line6 POD just a few months ago. Since that time I have found a number of really good amp models and have posted some of them to the CustomTone site (SteveKudlacek). Admittedly, I am new to the modeling game, but I am fascinated with the ability to build all of the amps that I could never afford to own. Some of the models are really accurate. My fascination continues... But because there is really no ranking system - number of downloads does not equal satisfaction - I wanted to know what are some of your favorites? If you have a favorite CustomTone, for the HD Pro or Pro X only please, reply with a link here. Also, if you have downloaded some of my patches any constructive criticism here would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
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