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  1. I on occasion play my bass directly through my DT50 no problem. The Firmware 2.0 update gives it two bass amplifier models - the Bassman (it was originally designed as such) and an Ampeg fliptop model. I wouldn't use it live, but have mic'd my p-bass with the ampeg model on some recordings.
  2. Know this is an old thread, but the volume disparity between voice 1 and the rest is my biggest grievance with the amp. I think I suffered permanent hearing loss the first time I played it , changing from voicing I to 2. Ended up using the DT Edit to put quieter amp models on channel A and the louder ones on Channel B.
  3. I replaced the 12AX7s with JJNN003 ECC83S (tesla remake). It brought the noise down to a reasonable level. I didn't experience the miracle cure some people have when changing the tubes, but it helps. I recorded the white noise on the III voicing on my phone and you can see the difference with the EH tubes and the JJs. Its now almost as quite as my old AC30.
  4. I changed the EH 12AX7s to JJs. The white noise and hum improved considerably. It was only the British Chime voicing that was really bad on my amp.
  5. I know this is an old thread, but I recently bought a DT50 112 online as the price was fantastic. It did have quite a bit of white noise, especially on the British Chime configuration, class A, no negative feedback loop. I found that channel unplayable. Read this thread and got around to finally changing the 12AX7s (Russian Electroharmonix) to basic Slovakian JJs ECC83s (Tesla remake). Made a nice difference - won't say it was a huge difference, but brought the noise to a reasonable level. I've attached a picture showing the before and after noise level taken with my iphone - the impact is clear.
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