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  1. Well, I just checked and I'm monitoring the output, not input and there's still a delay. Also, I'm not REALLY recording - I just hit "play" and jam along the backing track in Reaper. I'll try opening a ticket. Thanks for your help.
  2. All right, I'll make sure that I'm only monitoring the output, though I remember that's what I'm doing. What do you mean when you say "you'll hear that anyway"? How can I hear something if the monitoring is disabled?
  3. Well yes, I need to hear what I'm playing. Unless I'm doing something wrong? I'm monitoring the output.
  4. I have a question to the OP and others who use the VX with a PC/mac - When I use Podfarm a get a slapback effect (latency is the word?) in the VST and standalone, even with the buffer at the lowest setting. When I use amplitube I don't have latency issues, but every dirt pedal makes a huge volume boost and barely any actual overdrive (I am recording the wet signal, already checked that). Any ideas? Or maybe you had similar issues?
  5. I do have some answers as a (new) sonic port vx owner. I'm not sure it's a good idea to hook up the SP to an amp, even on clean settings. However, you can use the outputs to connects to a PA system or monitors (that answers the connectivity at different places). As for myself, I find the SP very useful in playing with backing tracks with headphones on my iPhone, but not very practical with my PC. Latency problems and you can't control the input gain. Hope it helps.
  6. First of all, I have posted the following problem in the Reaper and IK Multimedia forums, but haven't got a real answer. Secondly, My set-up: Me -> Godin Session -> Evidence cable -> Sonic Port VX -> Win7, 64bit, i7, 8GB Ram -> Reaper/standalone programs. The headphones are my AKG K518 and K77. When I'm using my guitar with the sonic port into Amplitube 3 or Pod Farm (either in stand alone or VST) I get a really fizzy sound with overdrive/distortion. Also, in amplitube the difference in volume between clean setting and dirty (especially with an overdrive pedal) is HUGE. In the amplitube manual it says the following: "Tip: if while browsing AmpliTube 3 presets you find that all clean sounds are too quiet and all lead sounds are too high, this means that you’re using a too low input gain on your audio interface.". Now, I can't change the input level, and even after playing with all the input knobs I still get the same results. Has something like this happend to some one else? Any help would be much appreciated.
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