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  1. I sometimes use the aux input of a Yamaha THR. Not bad at all...
  2. I had the same issue, the knob was just made of black plastic.. Line 6 did not want to send a new knob since I m not living in the US, so I had to send the guitar back to the supplier for replacement.... Well the new one is better, it does illuminate somewhat. Some modelnames shine better than other. And there is still a lot of black plastic in the wrong parts of the knob. But I'll accept it.. With some difficulty because you suspect something else from a guitar in that pricerange. By the way, I adjusted the height by inserting a little piece of matchstick, that worked fine for preventing the shaft of the swich going further in then required...
  3. I am thinking about getting the HD 500X or HD Pro X and I can not find any specific information about the mod settings, especially the delays. Can someone tell me what the maximum delay time is and if it is possible to precisely adjust the feedback? I would like to make the Brian May effect, one delay on 800 ms on the right, one delay on the left on 1600 ms. Is that possible to create within the HD? Thanks in advance, best regards. GJ
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