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  1. I do not even use mine anymore. The battery life is so bad and I do not want to leave the amp on to keep it charged. The product should be recalled and replaced. Nice to get the $18 for the cable but now I also have a $99 brick for a transmitter AND there will be no replacement charging cable. Using an old school cable now. I think if I ever do get another wireless system it will NOT be Line6.
  2. Yeah. It was also helpful if you got the transmitter inly with a Spider V - as you could charge the G10 without having to leave the amp powered on. So now I either have to buy a transmitter - or a new G10S system? Sucks! Line 6 should manufacture a replacement cable!
  3. Is Line6 going to manufacture replacement charging cables? Nice to get the money refunded for sure - but I got the cable for a reason in the first place. Would sure like to get a replacement!
  4. Anyone know the tuning accuracy of the built-in tuner on the Spider V? I was looking at tuners that were more accurate than the clip-on so I hjust wanted to see how accurate the existing one I had in the amp was...
  5. It did overwrite all the factory presets. The custom tones I had saved remained though...
  6. Is there a list of the presets for FW 2.00 like the one in the Knowledge Base for FW 1.00? It sure would be handy...
  7. Anyone got the completeamp models, and effect list for this update?
  8. Support says not right even with changes I made above. They are replacing! Thank you support!
  9. Hmmmmm.... Seems to work much better if I use the Spider V remote app to set a minimum volume level at say 10 %. I did this and it acts much better - 10 - 20 % setting for a minimum seems to be the sweet spot. The closer the minimum gets to 0% the worse it acts.
  10. I have a ticket opened with support but was wondering if anyone else is having this issue... I am using a Spider V 240 with FBV3 and the Mac and/or IOS App connected via a Relay G10T. Issue occurs using either app or none (using the amp controls only with no apps connected). Very easy to get volume to 0% or 100% (min and max work as expected - but it seems like I have to put the EX-1 to almost 40-50% to gat any volume at all - then it kinda jumps around a bit and settles. Once pedal is depressed to about 60-70% there is no further increase in volume. There seems to be about a 30% range of pedal adjustment in the middle where actual volume changes are heard, and it is extremely difficult to get the volume where I want it to be. Always either too loud or too soft. Really difficult to adjust volume and it “jumps" around. If I assign an effect to the EX-1 the volume seems to work OK on the built in pedal - but the effect percentage “jumps†too quickly using the EX-1. I also have an Amplifi 150 with an FBV Shortboard MKII connected with a cable - the issue does not seem to be as bad there when I connect the EX-1 to the MKII on the Amplifi - but still difficult to adjust volume. I have re-flashed the FBV III and the Spider V.
  11. Yes. I downloaded the editor a little while ago. This editor is a good start. I have a couple of questions... No window like the "Tones" window on the right side of the screen in the iPad App? It seems like you can only select tones which are saved in a bank on the Spider V - and/or save them to a PC file and load from there. Also no cloud tone search? Are the tones available in "CustomTone" on this site compatible? Which do I use if so? Spider IV?
  12. I did have an issue once where I had charged it in the amp and then unplugged it and turned off the amp. When I went to use it I plugged it into the guitar and powered the amp on and got no sound. Resolution was to plug the G10T into the amp - and after a few seconds the charging light comes on. Then unplug it and plug back into guitar. Apparently the G10T and the receiver built into the amp negotiate the channel they use to communicate when the G10T is plugged in...
  13. Finally got an answer from support. They said there is no way to update without the receiver. Mine however has no problems and was apparently shipped with the latest firmware. They indicated that there were no updates expected. Not sure that is really a great answer - but so it goes.
  14. Yep. Done that. No reply on ticket yet. Been open over a week. No emergency here though. I am calm cool and collected. All is working so no need to trash talk. 😀
  15. I have tried that jbuhajla - it does not see the G10T - only the SpiderV.
  16. Nothing on this? Also opened a support ticket - been 5 days and no answer. Wow - thought this was a pretty straight forward question...
  17. I have a new G10T - no problems with it at this time - but would like to make sure that the firmware is up to date. The G10T was received as a PROMO with my vew Spider V 240 - so I do NOT have the receiver. Can I get the USB adapter and get it updated with the Line6 Updater that way?
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