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  1. I thought the JTV-69 comes with 0.009 gauge strings but apparently it's 0.010's (just Googled it). In that case the action should be the same indeed.
  2. In the clean sound I hear lots of fret buzz... (correct me if I'm wrong). I wonder what gauge you used before. If you used 0.009 before, the action could be wrong now. Not an expert here BTW but still...
  3. You could buy (or try) a Electro-Harmonix "Hum Debugger". I recently bought one because since I power my JTV-89F externally I also have hum (but only when using the mag pickups). The Hum debugger works really well, has two positions (normal and strong). The "normal" position is enough to cancel out almost all hum with just a slight change in tone. BTW: it's not a noise gate and not a filter; it's an active noise reduction.
  4. I have to admit I do worry quite a bit about it when playing (mainly because I own it for just 2 weeks or so). It's not that I have sleepless nights about it but sometines when looking at the model selector I ask myself: how long will it take for the LED (and the models) to die on me....? I only play in a home recording environment so no rough handling or beer on my precious Variax and I only play for a few hours in a week (on average) so mine should last a long time :P As someone pointed out here: hopefully, by the time it fails there will be new -and better- versions available. I would buy me another one immediately. I own a JTV-89F and indeed it has nice sounding pickups (I don't have a lot of reference but I like them anyway) so yeah: it still would be a nice guitar although I to bought the Variax almost exclusively for the modelling (I already own a Squier Strat and an Epiphone Les Paul) but I think it's worth the "risk". I had to replace it after two days because of a faulty USB interface and I'm glad I didn't ask for a refund!
  5. The order doesn't matter. You can leave the VDI cable (USB) in the guitar/computer if you'd like. Maybe I'm wrong about this but try this: in Monkey, first click on "connect to device". Then choose the USB interface. Then click OK, then try to download. Does this help? BTW: I can remember when using my faulty USB Interface there was some downloading but nothing was downloaded after all so "downloading" does not guarantee that all is well. I still wonder what happens if you switch models in Workbench HD? Does the guitar react to it? It has to. If so, then USB connectivity seems to be fine (I think). Also can you save presets or banks to your Mac? BTW: Does your Variax show up after you click "connect to device"? It should after you downloaded the USB drivers (maybe also before but I'm not sure about that).
  6. Hi Wilson, For now I can only answer three of your questions (there are actually four of them): 0. The guitar models come with their variations + two custom banks. There are 12 banks (including two custom banks with 5 presets each. 60 is right. 1. You don't have to cancel the download and you can't (from the top of my head) . Each download will be stored automatically on your computer (in your documents folder > Line 6 folder > etc.) as a small file. Those downloads are backups from your guitar (and thus nothing is changed on your guitar during that process). 3. Disconnect the JTV by removing the guitar cable from the guitar. It is only then that the battery will be switched off completely. 2. Not sure about the USB drivers but as far as I know you can't download the drivers from the download page (it shows "At this time, there is no software available that matches your selection.") so I think you have to use monkey (I did). Have you already tried a reboot of your Mac? In your screenshot your USB interface is not connected. What happens if you connect it? Are you able to choose the drivers in that scenario? What happens if you switch models in Workbench? Do the models on the Variax switch with it? If all works well however I would say the right drivers are installed (not sure though) but for one reason or another it doesn't show in monkey.
  7. Actually I knew about the global adjustments but I was so focused on the different models (when I started adjusting I thought it was different for each model) I totally forgot about it! Luckily I only did 4 models or so thus far. So, thanks: I'm gonna revert to the originals and stick to the global adjustments in the first place (with maybe some minor model adjustments). +1 for you!
  8. I'm wondering if I'm the only one with this "problem"... It's not really a problem because I've already changed my favorite models but most (or all) of my models have a much louder A and low E string. I have to change the volume in Workbench to about 50% to even things out. When I use the pickups (no modeling) the strings are equally loud. So: is this normal? Any experiences? Is this a problem since the HD models? I read some complaints about muddy acoustic models for instance after 1.90
  9. Yeah it is but I don't want to risk losing it for weeks (or longer) so I'll just stick to 2.10 until a new version will be released.
  10. To be honest, I'm more afraid off comm. problems (USB interface or drivers) then power outages. My Variax adventure started last sunday with a faulty USB interface and after reading about e.g. the sticky knob problem I'm quite skeptical of Line 6' hardware reliability. I once soft bricked my phone so luckily I could unbrick it with a USB jig but I would be devastated (sort of) if I'd hard brick my Variax after a week of use. Indeed using a laptop with charged battery is one worry less but multiple things can go wrong in the process so I stick with 2.10 until a relevant update comes along.
  11. Ah, thanks for the confirmation. I can order a Neutrik connector for € 3,05 (less than $ 4,- I think) so I'll return the expensive longer VDI cable and make myself one from the standard cable (just have to remove the extra clip from one of the sides to fit it in the Neutrik). (Don't own a POD. That's exactly the point).
  12. Thanks Phil but that means (probably) Line 6 has reverted to the cheap stuff because I have a brand new 89F... (or they ran out of NE8MC plugs :o )
  13. Yeah, I wish I had that one! Note: this is the old style interface. I have the new one (of which the first one was faulty...) so I wouldn't be surprised if the new guitars also come with the newer type of cable... It's cheaper bacuse it doesn't come with the round connector, so... Actually I'm sure because Line 6 did change the ethernet plugs to be able to pull it out of the guitar (in my picture it's not really clear but it's the large black clip you can push. By pushing it, you also push the "normal" (standard) clip under it so the plug comes lose). The ethernet side on your cable is just a standard ethernet connection whereas mine is specifically made for the guitar (albeit a ridiculously bad design). I know it sounds weird but prove me wrong :rolleyes: I really can't imagine someone in the shop swapping all the cables in the Variax boxes... Image of the clips I'm talking about (sideview): https://www.dropbox.com/s/nznm18z6ttqp4k9/2015-02-19%2017.50.05.jpg?dl=0 Well, it sucks, sorry... But thanks for helping and the picture! P.S. Just found a shop where I can order a: http://www.neutrik.com/en/data/ethercon/ethercon-cable-connector-carrier/ne8mc so I can make my own cable with one round guitar connector from an ethernet cable.
  14. That's exactly what I was about to do but I wasn't sure if it works... If it fails (I'm not very handy) it cost me € 38,- (about $ 45,-). It did come with a cable suited for the adapter. It's just that the other end is the same (not round) so it is prone to breakage when plugged in the guitar. It's just a standard Ethernet cable with some extra large clips so you can plug it out somewhat easier than a normal ethernet cable (a normal cable sticks deep in the guitar plug so that's a lot harder to remove although it's safer in a way because it doesn't stick out like the current cable). You know what? I'm gonna make a picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/189py0k1g8a2i2s/2015-02-19%2017.24.08.jpg?dl=0 So this is what it looks like on both sides and this is the cable that came equipped with two different 89F's...
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