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  1. robsangg

    Headrush FRFR

    I can't speak to the FRFR108 but the FRFR112 sounds impressive running in mono. In stereo it would be massive. Good product. As I stated in a previous post, I run it as a stage monitor, then to FOH on stage, but at my band practice it pushes plenty of volume, with room to spare. I use it as my sole amp now, with the Helix as the brain. No issues.
  2. robsangg

    Headrush FRFR

    All good brother. I'm here for help, same as everyone else. I used to be such an amp purist, and the Helix opened up so many possibilities for me. Expanded my set list so much to other things I probably wouldn't have tried before on stage or otherwise. Makes me play and try different things. Great tool. Headrush FRFR112 too. I almost think these should be video forums, so you get people's expressions when they post. So much gets lost in text.
  3. robsangg

    Headrush FRFR

    I guess maybe I was a bit vague as to what I meant. I've just owned both the Alto and Headrush. They are both PA speakers, so you can put what you want through them. Point I was trying to get across is that for $299, the Headrush holds it's own against more highly priced competition. The Helix has enough customization options in it, that you can boost, or cut whatever frequencies you desire. I just liked the Headrush better. Sounded more like a 'guitar speaker' to my ears, but again that is personal preference. I don't recommend anyone take my word off of a forum. Go out and try it for yourself. If you like the powercab, or friedman, or any of the multitude of other options better, that is what you should go with. Just for $299, it does what it says it will do, although I challenge the 2000 watts it claims. Volume levels are closer to a Fender Hotrod Deluxe maybe, an amp I've also owned, but the Headrush does get loud, and I use it for a small venue band, and run it to FOH. Crowds are usually around 100 people, but I'm just using it as a stage monitor for myself. FOH pa is doing the heavy lifting. It will keep up with my drummer easily, who loves to be the loudest guy on stage, LOL.
  4. robsangg

    Headrush FRFR

    I've owned 3 PA/FRFR speakers over the course of owning the Helix. A JBL Eon 610, An Alto 312, and now the Headrush FRFR112. To my ears, the Alto sounds a little less accentuated in the mids. Seems as if the Headrush is tuned for guitar more. I liked all 3, but I sold the Alto 312 and only kept the JBL, so unfortunately I could not post an A/B comparison. I will say this, I love the Headrush for the money, and it reproduces exactly what is put through it. I've had a Kemper run through it as well, just to convince a friend to buy it as a cheaper alternative to a Friedman. My take would be for you to buy it and try it. $299 is a great price point for something that actually does what it says it is made for. I do agree with the above post about getting it off the ground though. Reduces the bass response some to eliminate some of the boominess. Great sounding speaker for the Helix though.
  5. I do use the VDI cable connection from the Variax to the Pod HD.
  6. I have this setup for home/practice use. Works great!! Alt Tunings can be set in the workbench software and assigned to your custom bank on the variax, but I haven't had much luck getting it to switch to the custom patches on the HD500. Maybe I'm just not doing it right. Anyway, you can always switch to the custom patch on the fly, on the variax if the alt tuning is needed. Saving my pennies for the JTV59P, which I plan to buy around tax time, and an Lt2 or Lt3. Haven't made my mind up on that yet.
  7. Thanks for the response. Exactly the applications and setup I'm looking to move towards(to many years of long setups, mic'ed amps and less that stellar results). I'm hoping this will be the solution I'm looking for, cause I love the portability and flexibility of the 500 and the rest of the 'Dream Rig'. L3t will come shortly and I will post my experience with it. Thanks again.
  8. Ok, so through this whole discussion, I haven't really heard anyone mention the stagesource speakers, and how they would sound in the whole FRFR setup. I've been stashing my pennies for some time now in an effort to get the JTV-59P and an L3T for just such a setup(I already own the HD500).. Anyone here own this 'Dream Rig'? I would very much like anyone's feedback on how this works in a live environment, ie, playing out live. I also plan to expand on the L3t setup with another L3 speaker and L3S sub setup for a full on PA system as time goes by.
  9. If you are using single amp set ups, you can load the heck out of the DSP. I think the 500X is targetted more at the guys who don't already own a 500, and those that want the dual amp set up. I'll wait I believe. I want the JTV 59P, that's where my next dime will go. And Christian, thanks for the response, very much looking forward to your "Dream Rig" vids.
  10. Couldn't have said it better....................... Christian, when, or will you be doing a video on the L3t Loudspeaker in conjunction with the 'Dream Rig'. I would very much like to hear your setup. I am currently saving up for a JTV-59, and an L3t and would like something to compare as most of the videos on Youtube don't present it that great. I am also wondering if I should spend the extra couple hundred bucks to get the L3 versus buying an L2. I will be using the rig for busking, playing alongside backing tracks, as well as beginning to set up a PA rig for parties, company outtings and the possible DJ gig for weddings, parties etc. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, as would one of your killer demo videos. Thanks.
  11. Christian Arnold has a video on youtube, and I think someone has posted the comparison here in this forum as well, comparing the 500X & 500 side by side. Slight change in the DSP, which he demostrates. Not much in IMHO. If I am to upgrade later it will be for the footswitches, which I definately like.
  12. I was just pointing out to my own practical purposes, and financial means it's not feasible. By all means if anyone desires to be that creative and string that much ambient noise and modulation together and get it to sound good, go ahead. I won't go into what you have to pay to have that ability without reaching your DSP limits(ahem, AXE-FX), but I don't see the expense for the moderate upgrade. The downside is of course that Line 6 can and probably will make more amp/effects models available for the 500X that won't be available for the 500, but that's what happens. I believe the 500 is about 3 yrs old, I may be wrong because I wasn't standing in line to get one when it came out, but the company had to release something new to keep the marketplace open. Just good business on their part, but until there is a major upgrade, I can't justify the expense for the same modeling tech, even if it does have a more powerful processor. It still sounds the same.
  13. When would anyone possibly ever use 4 '63 Spring Reverbs, and a harmonizer strung together in practical or live use. I have an HD500 and the only time the DSP limit is reached is whenever I'm simply goofing around with out of this world sounds. In a live situation, or when you're playing in a band situation, much of this is simply not practical usage. When you can string a compressor, overdrive, fuzz, 2 amps, a delay, and reverb and not reach the DSP limit, how much is actually to much. I can see the want for unlimited ability, but I can't justify the expense of a new unit to try and obtain it. The footswitches are nice however.
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