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  1. John McFee of the Doobie Brothers is another long-time Variax user. Though he's in the Line 6 Artists showcase, I think it's also worth mentioning here. And... Jared Scharff, guitarist for the SNL band, uses a JTV59.
  2. Check out Steve Howe "Rig Rundown" on Youtube... He shows all his Variaxes, plus his DT50 and his HD500 (though by now he probably has a Helix).
  3. True... the Fly signature model is his thing, though I did see him play a few licks on a JTV69 in a Youtube video. Also, according to equipbord, he used a Vetta ll in the past.
  4. Steve Howe of Yes uses Variaxes: a 600 (played during the 2017 induction to the RnR Hall of Fame); he also has a 700 acoustic and a JTV59. Plus he uses a DT50 and swears by his Line 6 rig. (Check out Youtube)... Adrian Belew is a Variax user as well.
  5. Manual? I don't need no stinkin' manual!

  6. Aww! I'm 66 and back in the digital FX game. Just don't make any rash e-decisions you'll regret later. Oh, by the way... How much for the HD 500 and JTV 59? (Yeah, I know... My wife calls me heartless too.)
  7. Sounds like a curse to me... I'll take everything off your hands for free! Mwah ha ha!
  8. I went out of my way to find a 700 because I love the overall look. I read a lot of positive things about craftsmanship, quality, playability, comfort. They were all right on the money. I was pleasantly surprised... And I'm real "picky". The 700 is a keeper. Word out to Yamaha... A made in Japan 700 with JTV electronics and SSS pickups would be a thing of beauty! Thanks!
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