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  1. lornebb

    HELP: Helix Output choppy and input is non-responsive

    UPDATE No fix could be found,unfortunately - I was actually lucky enough to take it back to the point of purchase and swap for a new unit. I still can't find any other examples of this happening online - so I'm hoping it's a one off!!! Thanks everyone! xx
  2. lornebb

    HELP: Helix Output choppy and input is non-responsive

    Ah yeah - I meant to clarify those exact point in the initial post - even with nothing plugged into an input - the choppy noise is there. No interference from any phones. and yes, constant - even without an audio source. [also just updated to 2.12, as it seems they released this update WHILE I was writing this.. but alas, the choppy madness continues!!!]
  3. Help needed! Firmware 2.11. Brand new unit. Reason for posting is that I can't find this problem described anywhere else on the internet. Been programming on helix (using out of the box 2.01) for an upcoming tour and tech rehearsal for the last few days. Solid 8 hour sessions of tone finding, each day. Zero problems. I had my guitar in the Guitar In, L/Mono 1/4" to amp, Send 1 to Powered Monitors. Pretty standard, nothing too strenuous. Randomly, this clicking starts coming through my amp. Very quietly. Then disappears. About 10 minutes later it has overtaken the entire output board and no signal is heard from the guitar. [uPDATE: even through the USB outs... which have not been an issue for me as I only need the unit for live mainly, but worth seeing if the problem was there, too... which it is!] I've tried every combination of things to find a solution - every jack cable in every jack in and out... every xlr cable in each output... this click is everywhere and no sound is coming through from the signal chain that's loaded. I even tried updating to 2.11, which didnt work. So I tried a rollback to 2.01, 2.00... but to no avail. The click starts during the loading screen, about halfway through (time wise). It sounds like a digital sample rate mess up somewhere in the deep dark internals... Any help I would be so unbelievably grateful for!!! Thank you!