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  1. I find the dual harmony ok in Helix Native, but I play the electric violin. Anyway, If twin harmony is legacy, is the harmony effect in M series the same algoritm? I need a single pedal effect for that and just can't afford the Eventide H9 at the moment.
  2. Well, first of all if you want to get an original Schertler cable, the price is ridiculous...: https://www.thomann.de/pl/schertler_ca_stat_v_kabel.htm So get yourself just the "binder" connector, or fifty connectors for the price of one original Schertler cable: https://www.binder-connector.com/en/products/subminiature-circular-connectors/snap-in-ip40/ and a Neutrik-Rean RT4FC-B connector (or TA4F by Switchcraft). And I did it like this (Binder connector used in Schertler Stat-V pickup):
  3. Found it. Here's the solution: http://line6.com/support/topic/12359-akg-c519ml-mic-with-xd-v75-and-tbp12-beltpack/ Works great with both AKG C411 L and Scherlter Stat-V. No need for any other preamp than G50. By the way, works the other way round too - AKG C411 L works with my previous LR Baggs GigPro Preamp, which I used with Stat-V. I think Audio Technica Pro 35 can be dealt with the same way, the only difference would be shield and audio switched.
  4. Thanks a milion for this topic!!! Works with my AKG C411 PP (modified into C411 L) and with Schertler Stat-V (electrostatic transducer which also needs phantom power).
  5. Hi. I'm a fiddle player based in Poland. I've recently bought a G50. I use two different pickups (not at a time - two different instruments) for my fiddle and hammered dulcimer, both work like they were condenser mikes - they need phantom power: 1. AKG C411 pp- works either thru a phantom power adapter - 9 - 52 volts (AKG C411 PP), or thru 3-pin mini xlr to a 9V bodypack (AKG C411 L) 2. Schertler stat-v - works thru LR Baggs which is a bodypack preamp with a 9V phantom power supply in the 'IN' socket. As I said both of these pickups are active and work like condenser mikes - so they require phantom power supply, AKG IS in fact a condenser mike and the stat-v is an electrostatic transducer (not to confuse it with piezo pickups which are passive). Now my question is about the possibility to omit all those bodypacks, preamps and and plug these pickups straight into that TPB 12 transmiter. That transmiter has a 4-pin mini xlr socket so theoretically I can attach (solder) 4-pin mini xlt plugs to both my pickups and plug them into TPB 12. So the main question is - does TPB 12 supply phantom power in that 4-pin mini xlr socket, so it can run with a condenser mike pluged into it? I want to make sure before I start to solder because my doubts consider condenser mikes voltage requirements (9V?) and the fact that TPB 12 is powered by two AA batteries which gives 3V theoretically... In addition, can anybody provide TA4F socket (4-pin mini xlr) pinout for the TPB 12 transmiter? Is it simmilar to Shure's standard?
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