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  1. Do you even know what true bypass means? Why are you clamouring for something you don't really understand? I don't mean to be rude, I just can't wrap my head around it. The FX8 supposedly has true bypass because it's meant to be more tailored to what you seem to be looking for; a effects only solution. The helix has way more going on with it so a/d converters are the way to go. Are you really going to run a state of the art 1500$ unit for a couple of stomp boxes? If you want to run past it, put it in a loop switcher and switch away when you want bypass. That's what the pros do.
  2. triggerhare

    Helix FAQ

    Did you brush your teeth?
  3. triggerhare

    Helix FAQ

    The Stone Age 185 is likely a EH-185...
  4. So I played a JTV and am working up to getting one. In the meantime I've seen the light when it comes to wireless. I play keys and guitar in one of my bands and after I borrowed a UHF receiver I was floored by the lack of cable all over the keyboard pedals. Now I know the G70 is out and it looks great but I am a fan of back up plans so I want the XPS for powering the JTV in an emergency situation (which the g70 doesn't do). So here are my questions: - would the g30 going into the XPS play nicely? Would the power coming from the TRS input be null with a regular patch cable? - if the wireless and/or JTV failed, would plugging into the TRS cable with a regular mono guitar hurt the guitars electronics? - if yes would plugging into it with a mono cable be safe for a regular passive guitar? - anyone know if there was a ground lift on the xlr out? Thanks for reading!
  5. triggerhare

    The Looper

    Press once to start recording. Press again to end recording and start playback. Press again to record on top. Press twice to stop. Press and hold to erase. Come to think of it, just read the instructions for the ditto looper by TC electronics...
  6. triggerhare

    The Looper

    On the app it seems to show up at the end of every effects chain. Did you update. The app as well?
  7. Disclaimer: I don't own a jtv59 yet but I've spent a lot of time with one and I'm a total convert. That said I don't think the sims capture the true essence of the twangier models (strat tele ric etc). While they come damn close I think the metallic clank that makes teles great is from the magnetic field itself. Piezo just can't do that because of physics. Then again I could say SD quarter pounders while awesome are about as close to a tele as a variax so you might loooove it! A former teleholic turned variax-iac
  8. Bear in mind that as I'm not a firehawk owner, just a potential customer my info could be incorrect, but it is my understanding that wah is solely controlled by the onboard pedal. Volume and all other "tweakable" parameters seem to be able to be assigned to the exp 2 pedal
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