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  1. After the new AMPLIFi devices came out with Bluetooth support, specifically for the mobile app to edit patches, I wondered if the Pod HD devices could be retrofitted with this capability. I did some research and found a number of Midi to Bluetooth adapters that didn't appear to be that expensive. They basically plug into the Midi In and Midi Out/Thru ports on the device and convert the Midi signal to a Bluetooth signal. From what I saw these were primarily designed for keyboard players to help reduce the number of cables in their setup. What I was wonder is if all that would be needed was a mobile app like for the AMPLIFi devices have that would send and receive the Midi data over Bluetooth. Would Line6 ever consider creating a "kit" that would include the adapter and the app? Does anyone know of any technical issues that would not make this possible? From what I've read mentioned over and over again on these forums is that Pod HD users would love to have an easier way to edit or create patches at rehearsals or gigs without having to bring a laptop and a USB cable or fumble around with the onboard menus. Anyone have any comments on this?
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    I had a DT25 combo on back order since the end of December (I'm located in Canada) and it finally showed up about a week ago. I guess their Chinese manufacturer was tied up building those Amplifi toys....
  3. I believe people are mis-understanding a few things about this new amp - - The iOS app only is a control program for creating patches for the modeling hardware built into the amp, like using HD500 Edit for a pod HD500. On this amp it's needed since you can't do any deep editing and patch creation on the amp itself, unlike the Pod's which have a screen built in for managing the device. - The tone matching app tries to identify the song being played back on your iOS device then searches Custome Tone for patch uploaded by other users matching the song/artist. The app does not create a patch by listening to the recording. I believe it displays the patches it finds in order of rating and from what I understand it's probably looking for Pod X3 patches to match the modeling hardware. - In a very crude summary, this amp is a guitar amp and stereo "boom box" (stereo only for playing back music and backing tracks, mono as a guitar amp) with a Pod X3 built in. If someone from Line 6 wants to correct me on the technical specs then by all means.