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  1. So, I recall a demo video (possibly Sweetwater?) where the guy flips between apps, streaming a metronome. I cannot get my Firehawk to do this? As soon as I close the app to go another, the second app won't play out of the firehawk (I'm very definitely meaning Spotify, as I am a premium subscriber and it's my main music app), and when I go back to the firehawk app, it pauses to reload all the presets again (which is a different annoying bug - surely a TOC it could check instantly for changes would be much quicker?). I digress - has anyone had luck streaming music that wasn't directly on their device?
  2. I have the updater installed on my work machine (I use it for updating my work devices (I'm a Technician for a Music College), though never thought to do the driver but thanks to your post I've the updater and the driver installed on my work computer now so I can bump the firmware before I leave today! ;D
  3. Gutted for you - If mine arrives damaged today I'm going to be raging!
  4. Thanks for the info - will be updating right away then!
  5. UK ones - which firmware did it ship with?
  6. Yeah that was me they were talking to, I've been pestering them a bit on Twitter :) They're all good to go with the courier on Wednesday at noon, UK mainland should receive Thursday, others (ie me in NI) on Friday :)
  7. Christian, did you use your Variax for this? If so - can I ask is the variax switching laggy, or no? Eg, if I had a Lester in patch A, then an acoustic in B, (thinking verse/chorus changes), does it switch ok?
  8. Just noticed that! No email yet, fingers crossed...
  9. I ordered one of these: Haven't got my Firehawk yet (thanks Andertons), but the case is quite sturdy!
  10. I've had the same email from Andertons, glad to know I'm not alone! They've been 'assured' they'll have stock in a few days. If the date slips again past the 4th I'll be cancelling also...
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