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  1. I found that playing 90% rhythm parts in a set, that I was using a comp in every preset to keep my volume consistent and reduced the dynamic range of what I was playing, so did exactly what you were thinking - I have an SP in front of my PG, and it a) saves me a block, b) solves my problem, and c) sounds great!
  2. Had mkine freeze up just now and came on looking the support ticket page - I'm in Uk so no good to you Frank but will log it anyway (first time it's happened in a few weeks).
  3. In theory it would work, but only with a dynamic mic - the pod doesn’t have phantom power to power a condenser like the helix would. You couldn’t use the mic and a guitar at the same time the way helix can either with its dual paths, but if you’re just running a mic, there’s no reason it wouldn’t work?
  4. Bit late and you may have found out by now, but standard use hits about 700/800ma, but using all white leds, headphone volume at max and 4 channels of usb can apparently tip it over 1a. Im running mine from a joined pair of 500ma outs on the strymon ojai, and haven’t had a power issue yet at all.
  5. Just had the same ffs, getting ridiculous now.
  6. Frank posted on another forum saying that European units should land with distributors next week, and take a week or so to get to shops - Andertons 'end of May' timeline for their first batch looks realistic now :)
  7. kevell99

    UK Release?

    Lol! Maybe that's a new Marketplace section needed, toilet roll bartering for tones?
  8. kevell99

    UK Release?

    I did read it, it's just hard to see other markets having multiple deliveries of stock, before UK/Europe gets any, is what I mean.
  9. kevell99

    UK Release?

    To a degree, though it doesn't take a boat 2.5 months longer to get to Europe than it does to get to USA - as far as I can tell, zero units have reached Europe?
  10. kevell99

    UK Release?

    *Bump* Does anyone at L6 have any info on the UK/Europe release? Thomann now emailing customers to say July. To have preordered something at announce, and watch months of delays occur would be somewhat understandable in the current situation, if we weren't seeing the stock be prioritised for US customers, which feels a little... wrong.
  11. Yep, since the wireless one has been pictured in other forums, think I'll wait for it. Hurry up and announce it please lol
  12. Look up the ASIO audio driver, it should help Windows see the FHFX as an audio device :)
  13. kevell99

    UK Release?

    Has the UK release slipped significantly? I preordered on January 31st, with an original ship date of April 11th, which slipped for obvious reasons, but as far as the end of May, when other markets seem to have theirs delivered already?
  14. If so, might cancel and wait for the ahem... wireless one *runs and hides*
  15. Has the UK release slipped now? Being told my preorder now won’t arrive until the end of May by Andertons (I preordered back in January)
  16. Genuinely away to make a cup of tea and have a good read of this, love a new manual :D :D
  17. Did you notice it happens when you go in/out of the tuner? I know that was an issue for a lot of people
  18. A few retailers were advertising early dates in order to secure preorders, but L6 have said April was the target, but production/work restrictions in China might cause that to slip - hopefully not too far! :)
  19. kevell99

    POD Go Edit

    I think this was a concept the Firehawk explored, with limited success. Changing patches via bluetooth was too laggy, connection stability was an issue too. No major manufacturer has a decent multifx with bluetooth or a mobile app, as far as I can remember. TC have their toneprint which isn't quite the same thing, Zoom have a very basic pedal with bluetooth, and a few have amps with bluetooth or 2.4Ghz connections, but incorporating it into a giant amp box in comparison to a tiny pedal is probably simpler and cheaper, I would imagine.). Boss, L6, Mooer, Zoom, Kemper, Headrush - that none of them have really implemented it other than in a testing-the-water kind of way suggests the demand for it maybe just isn't there right now? I preferred to set up my patches with the ipad Firehawk editor over bluetooth, but it was utterly useless in a live setting, and frankly don't think I'll miss it going forward. I suspect your prophecy on the death of the computer is a long way off too. If all else fails and you really want that deep edit, but mobile, try a Surface?
  20. Sorry, but 5 years ago when the FH was released, L6 were pretty clear that it was aimed at the mobile user, and there would not be a PC editor. The PodGo effectively discontinues the Fh in all but name, so I fear the chances of any major development for the FH are pretty much zero.
  21. Interesting that it says there it can be a momentary FS - be cool if it could be a non-latching effect control. I have a TC Spark booster atm that I use for fills which is momentary, so an extra FS that could fulfill this would be ace.
  22. In his first-look video, Paul Hindmarsh said that 2 further footswitches can be added using a y-cable to the EXP2 - what can these be set to control?
  23. On sale now from Gear4Music, usually retails at £150+ - think there's a new generation due, thus the clearout.
  24. In light of this, gear4music in the Uk have a great atm on this pedalboard that'd be a perfect size, just ordered one myself: Usually at least £150. The usable height is only listed at 3", vs the PodGo's 3.5", but I imagine the foam will compress at least a half inch?
  25. Great, thank you! Have found there's always "A Way" to get the rubber feet off regardless if its designed to or not lol
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