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  1. Why is that? The reason I ask is because I just upgraded to 2.71 from 1.6.x. Went fine. Is there something I don't know about updating firmware sequentially?
  2. Sorry for the confusion. Asked if an input ever went bad at a show, could I plug in to the return jack.
  3. Yeah, completely silent as in a good thing. I updated to 2.71 when I first received it. I also did a factory reset after the update to see if there were global settings causing the issue. Nope. Still looooouuud and crackling. It's like a loud record player static/crackle. Input gate helps, but when you hit a note, the noise is below the signal. Not great for quiet ambient music. Plugging into the return input works and is nice and quiet, but then I lose a loop, and I need all of them for my other pedals.
  4. I did get a pretty good deal on it, (reverb.com). I'm going to give the seller the benefit of the doubt and assume he was not aware of the issue... Still waiting for either full or partial (to cover repairs) refund.
  5. Is there a different between plugging a guitar in these two places? I bought a second hand Helix and the input jack is all messed up. Crazy static noise/crackle noise when plugging into the "Guitar In" input. I'm going to return it or have him issue a partial refund to cover the cost of repairs, but It got me thinking about if that ever happened at a gig. When I plug a guitar into return one and add a block at the beginning of the chain, it's completely silent. Can the unit actually be run that way or are the return jacks and guitar in jacks different in some way?
  6. Yep. Extremely unsure of myself as well... It was an hour or so of:
  7. It IS a mystery! I have seen both behaviors randomly out of the Helix. Sometimes it does what I want, and sometimes it does what you mention... which led me also to believe that it was a bug. I have seen it on 2.6 and up. I am getting along well with an external looper, and even the one switch looper as support suggested is working for me, so it's a non issue right now. If only we could coax some more recording time out of Line 6 software guys though! I would love a solid 2 minutes or so.
  8. Hello. This is what support told me when I contacted them with this EXACT issue: "Hi, This is unfortunately how the looper currently works. But, a workaround is to use the 1 button looper which can exist on the stomp box panel. Using the 1 Switch Looper: Add a Looper > 1 Switch Looper block to your preset and assign it to a stomp footswitch.(Adding a 1 Switch Looper to HX Effects from Stomp view automatically assigns it to the selected footswitch.) Press the 1 Switch Looper switch. The LED lights red, indicating the loop is recording. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch again. The LED lights green, indicating the loop is playing back. Press the 1 Switch Looper switch again. The LED lights amber, indicating the loop is in overdub mode. Subsequent presses of the switch toggle between play and overdub mode. While the 1 Switch Looper is in play or overdub mode, press and hold the switch for 1 second.The most recent recording is undone. Holding the switch again will redo the recording. On Helix, Helix Rack/Control, and HX Effects, “UNDO” or “REDO” briefly appears on the scribble strip. On Helix LT, “UNDO” or “REDO” briefly appears in Performance view. Quickly double-press the 1 Switch Looper switch.Playback/recording stops and the LED lights white, indicating a loop is in memory. While Looper playback/recording is stopped, press and hold the switch. The recording is deleted and the LED lights dim white. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks, Will - Yamaha Guitar Group Support"
  9. Got it! I was treating it more like a snapshot or something.. with an on/off value under that "Route To" label. Works now. Thanks!
  10. I just picked up a second hand helix. I'm setting a/b split to State 1= 100% A and State 2= Even Split when the footswitch is clicked. Even if I set State 2 to even split and save it, whenever I click from State 1 to State 2, it always reverts back to 100% B instead of Even Split. Google drive Link with video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zzBYOhVVPP1ItCHWcS-FLBHfCL58XWlj/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. It's not a bug. I contacted support about it. The said that's just how it works now and suggested that I use the 1 switch instead... :-/
  12. Yep. Unfortunately that's just how it operates right now. It's a shame because it makes it fairly unusable live. I really hope they change it back. I've had to add an external looper for live performance. (Pigtronix Infinity). I'm not TOO bummed about it as the infinity is a pretty awesome looper, but it would be nice to be able to ditch it and use the built-in looper.
  13. I have other line 6 products and i will keep an eye on helix for updates. Now knock off your attitude, please.
  14. No no... You misunderstood. I can use a footswitch to toggle an amp back and forth on/off. NOT a/b path toggle. My "problem" remains. Let me be clear... again... It's a really great product. It just didn't work for the way we perform. Unless a member knows how to toggle 100% A to 100% using a footswitch (not snapshots).
  15. I am immensely interested in this. You can use a footswitch to toggle between A 100% and B 100%? If so, will the engaged/disengaged light correspond to a specific state? I tried for a while to solve that problem but all signs pointed to "not possible".
  16. You cannot assign a/b split to a footswitch. Only snapshots. On snapshots, you cannot have it affect only the split and ignore all other blocks. If assigned the amps themselves to a footswitch and toggle them, it works, until in hx edit you hover the amp that is disengaged and suddenly the light indicating which state the amp is in gets switched. Not a reliable indicator of which amp is active/inactive. Lots of compromises. Not solutions. For me anyway. Like I said, everything else about the helix was great, but it just didn't work for me.
  17. That would sway me back to the helix. I loved everything else about it, but it just didn't work for our kind of performance.
  18. But snapshots affect all the other blocks you have in your preset. I wanted them totally independent so that the snapshot only ever looks at the a/b path and not the other blocks. It had been confirmed that this is not currently possible. I sold the Helix and went another route that works better for me.
  19. I have tried toggling between two amps with one footswitch, this works well until the bypass/active light gets swapped around. I have tried with snapshots.. A path = clean amp... B path = dirty amp. Snapshot 1 = 100% A path and Snapshot 2 = 100% dirty amp. Doesn't work with what I play. No traditional verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus end nonsense here. Easy solution for line 6: MIDI Toggle A/B path. I agree that snapshots are powerful... In a traditional set up. I play in a post rock band where the songs are a bit different each night. Lots of improvisation and soundscape building. So snapshots don't really work for me.
  20. My issue with snapshots is that it takes the impromptu nature out of a performance. Sometimes in a song I want to hit the dirty amp Channel and have delay and a specific reverb from my Ventris, other times I want no delays on the dirty amp when I trigger it and a different verb and some chorus or pitch. I would have to set up a ton of snapshots accounting for every possible situation i may encounter or musical motif I want to explore. Snapshots (for my situation) are too ridgid and would wake a silly amount of time to set up. I just want to be able to switch "channels" and trigger effects independently... :-(
  21. First off, I don't like snapshots. I don't like the idea of having to have your entire set list preplanned.. having effects trigger on/off in perfectly choreographed sequences. That does not jive with the way I play/perform and is arduous to set up. Don't get me wrong... I DEFINITELY see the benefit of snapshots in other situations, but they are not for me. 1) I want my effects to be totally independent of whether or not I'm on clean/crunch/lead tones in the heilx. 2) I'm fairly familiar with midi having used it in performance in the past. 3) I have just a simple clean/dirty amp set up using two amps going into the same cabinet In --> compressor --> overdrive --> A/B split --> Amp A --> joined back together --> IR --> rest of effects. --> Amp B All I want to do is toggle back and forth between Path A/B. I can set a footswtich to do this, but 9 times out of 10, somehow the light indicating which state the amps are in gets swapped. I set it so that Clean amp on = light not illuminated and Dirty Amp On = Light is illuminated. Some how, despite having it set correctly at first, it always gets swapped around. I learned this the hard (and embarrassing) way at a show. Midi toggle would solve this issue. Example: CC 4 = Dim and Path A 100% . CC5 = List and Path B 100%. Toggle them back and forth. Is this not possible???? WHY is this not possible? That would solve so many issues people have with getting this unit set up in a more traditional fashion. I'm open to suggestions and at my wits end with this thing. It sounds phenomenal and has incredible potential, but just basic things are seemingly impossible.
  22. Because I won't be using my helix. It's for my board with individual pedals. I'm leaning torward Effectrode Blackbird at the beginning of the chain and Torpedo C.A.B. at the end if the chain.
  23. Very cool! The preamp live looks exactly like what I'm looking for. Just a simple preamp emulator to tack on to the front of a signal chain. I use the helix 90% of the time, but sometimes I pull my old board out to mess around/jam. This should work well. I appreciate it.
  24. Interesting... I've never heard of mooer.
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