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  1. i never had that issue before (i was on protools) just upgraded my computer and changed to logic, and now it is super slow
  2. hey been using native for a year. love it. i think it started happening right after i updated to 1.92, sounds like a bit of clean tone bleeding into the HX tone. i'm not blending it with the direct signal or sending it to any bus, i've double checked a few time, also on protools and logic, and on an avid soundcard and rme. it's there also i'm a 20 year pro, so i tried any thing. is there such a bug? right now it's unusable
  3. Hey guys i want to send a few drive pedals through the fx loop on my hx effects. most of them work ok. trying to connects the zvex box of rock. and it make a lost of noise when connected and engaged. is there a solution for this? it also happens with fuzz pedals when i do it, but that was kind of expected. thanks danny
  4. well i guess it's the buffer here to but adding bass still doesn't get the tone like it should be here. what's weird to me is that some of you hear no difference. there definitely is, the tome also gets compressed not only hi boost i also tried shorter cables. still there
  5. thanks guys i will try your advice
  6. i also seem to have the same issue, don't understand how it was solved though. there still is an annoying hi freq boost when the HX is engaged (no effects on) how can i get rid of it? thanks
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